How Much Minimum Percentage Required For Australia After 12th?

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November 23, 2023

The students must score the minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th to qualify for their education in Australia. The number of students coming to this country is also quite significant. For example, the total number of students studying in Australian universities or educational institutions reached 7,25,582 from January to August 2023, among which Indian students secured 37% presence with 1,20 277 students.

These numbers show the competition students worldwide face for an Australian educational degree. Therefore, getting professional advice from experienced and best overseas education consultants in India is better to ensure a successful attempt.

Reason To Choose Australia After Higher Secondary (12th)

Australian education has several excellent academic solutions and features that enhance the students’ career paths. However, the applicants must obtain the minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th and avail themselves of the country’s excellent educational facilities.

The Australian academic system is famous for its group of eight (Go8) institutions and is similar to the USA Ivy League colleges. Most of the students try to get admission in these institutions when they come to study in Australia from India, which are:

  • University of Queensland
  • Australian National university
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University
  • UNSW Sydney
  • University of Western Australia

The benefits of studying in these universities are multifaceted, which helps in excelling in their career path. The students get exposed to the highest-quality research and training methods and are offered the chance to work alongside studying that shapes their people skills.

Moreover, students from all over the world come to their campuses, so they will have top-grade global experiences from studying there.

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Required Information For Admission To Australian Colleges

The overseas student applying to Australian universities for further education must provide their educational details, including their grades and the subjects they have studied. It is one of the many requirements to study in Australia and is used by educational institutions for the applicants’ academic checking.

The study in Australia requirements also entails an official transcript detailing the subjects, credits involved, and type of course (diploma, degree, correspondence, etc.) from the institution they attended after secondary school. The students will need to attest copies of the following documents and attach them with their application:

Bachelor’s degree certificate or provisional certificate with mark sheet

  • Mark sheet of XII standard
  • Mark sheet of X standard

The students must remember that knowing how much percentage is required for study in Australia after 12th should be complemented by the appropriate documentation. Their transcripts and other documents should be in English.
If not, they must be translated into English and certified by an agency or person recognized by that country’s government. They would need to send them together to the university or educational institution.

Minimum Percentage Required To Study In Australia After 12th: Am I Eligible?

After the documentation necessities come the performance requirement for studying in Australia. Many ask how much percentage is required to study in Australia. However, it varies according to the subjects and courses the overseas applicant chooses.

The minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th are mentioned below for different courses:

Foreign candidates often want to know how much percentage is required for Australia study visa. The visa requirements usually don’t have an educational cutoff except for the English language proficiency tests. The minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th for diploma course admission is 60%.

The bachelor’s degree courses’ cutoffs often depend upon the stream studied by the student in their higher-secondary courses. For example, the minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th science to apply in mathematics, science, or engineering courses often exceeds 65%. It is the same for other streams, too, meaning most universities will keep similar requirements for commerce and Arts courses.

On the other hand, the students need to know some important info as the answer to their percentage required for Australia study visa query for master’s courses, as follows:

Almost all universities in Australia accept the three–year graduation system for applying to most postgraduate courses. For example, for an Australian M.Sc., M.Com, or M.A degree, a total 12-year education will be sufficient to study in Australia from India for students completing a B.A., B.Com, or B.Sc. (ordinary) degree.

However, some universities may require an Australian Bachelor (Honors) degree, a qualification equivalent to an Indian 16-year formal education with an honors graduate degree [for instance, B.Com (H), B.A. (H), etc. with an additional education year]. The students pursuing technical courses like B.E and B.Tech are also eligible.

The Australian postgraduate courses require at least 65% of the bachelor’s degree but may vary depending on the program and the university. Moreover, most Australian institutions require a good first degree from a leading Indian university.

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How To Apply In The Selected Courses in Australia?

The students will also need to pay attention to the form submission process, as it will need more than the minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th Arts. They can download the forms from university portals, request them from the university website, or get them from accredited representatives in India.

The applicants will need to submit some specific documents with their applications, apart from the minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th Commerce proof within the prescribed deadlines. Check the list of these documents below:

Records of educational qualifications: It includes all the records and transcripts of secondary education. The Australian universities will appreciate it if you transform the marks into the Australian grading system.

  1. Test scores for English language proficiency:
    India’s medium of education is not English, and therefore, Indian students must submit evidence of securing minimum marks in TOEFL and IELTS for admission.
  2. Portfolio:
    Higher study courses like MBA or doctoral degrees require a CV and work experience report.
  3. Statements of purpose:
    The University will require essays from the applicants regarding their talents, hobbies, skills, and the reason for choosing the particular stream. You should mention financial management.
  4. Letter of recommendation (LOR):
    The students must present at least two LORs, usually with their application. These documents are references from their professors, instructors, teachers, and similar people stressing your proficiency and reasons for success in the chosen field.
  5. Standardized test scores:
    You must submit standardized test scores like the GMAT for MBA programs to the appropriate university department.

The application process requires detailed information presented clutter-free for a positive first impression. Hiring the best study abroad consultants in India for an error-free application will be beneficial.

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