Study in Malta

Why Study In Malta?

Right off the Sicilian coast, the small island nation of Malta is a giant in culture and education. As a result, there are plenty of avenues to study in Malta for Indian students. It houses some of the Mediterranean’s oldest universities and educational institutes, which testifies to its rich academic prowess. Some of the most compelling reasons to study in Malta for international students are:

Academic prowess

Malta promotes education as a part of its cultural, moral, and intellectual development. The government pays great attention to ensuring every Maltese citizen can access education. Additionally, Malta’s education system for international students provides immense opportunity for avant-garde research, development, and dissemination of knowledge in many fields.

English lingua franca

One of the major reliefs of pursuing higher education in Malta for international students is that the lingua franca here is English. This means there will be little to no barrier in communication for traveling students who can use English as the language of academics and day-to-day communication.

Rich Culture

The education culture in Malta goes as far back in history as the 870s and is credited with the invention of the Arabic numerals during the rule of the Arabs. Further, Malta is also credited with its immense prowess in naval architecture and cartography as a part of the Mediterranean islands.

Safety and Security

Studying abroad always brings anxieties about one’s safety, especially for students traveling alone for the first time. Thankfully, Malta is ranked among some of the safest countries in the world, with some of the lowest crime rates. Further, the country is hugely accepting of international students.

Education tax benefits

The Ministry of Education in Malta has schemes that provide major tax benefits for higher education. This includes up to 70% of the costs of certain certifications and courses. This tax credit and deduction includes both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This can drastically reduce the cost of study in Malta for international students.

Career opportunities

One of the biggest and most lucrative benefits of studying in Malta is the career prospects provided due to its strategic location. As a European island close to Libya and Tunisia, Malta is predisposed to career opportunities in Africa and Europe, especially in naval trade and business.

Education System in Malta

Malta’s education system is strategically segregated, making it conducive for new learning and innovative methods. Schooling is divided into 4 broad categories overseen by the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sport and Innovation and Research or MEYR. Here’s how they are organized:

State schools

In Malta, there are a large number of schools that are funded publicly. These schools generally follow a British curriculum from pre-primary through secondary level of education.

Church Schools

These are schools that have affiliations with the Catholic church. Church schools offer a similar education curriculum to other schools, with an option of Catholic religious studies for international students.

Private or independent schools

These schools operate privately or independently and are mainly geared towards international students, making them perfect for exchange students going to study in Malta from India.

Tertiary education

This is the second stage of education in Malta that operates on the college and university level. These include:

An undergraduate program of 3 to 4 years
A postgraduate degree of 1 or 2 years
Doctoral programmes of 3 to 5


These are also a part of the tertiary stage of education, which consists of independent degrees of 1 to 2 years focused on a specific skill or specialized area of knowledge.

Certificate courses

These are education capsules that provide courses in Malta for international students
ranging from 1 to 6 months on any topic or field independent of your major.

Top Universities in Malta for Your Higher Education

Malta has some of the oldest universities in Europe, dating back to the 16th century, that have contributed greatly to developing Maltese and European history and modernity. If you’ve been looking for the top universities in Malta for international students, then this will help you:

University of Malta
Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education
Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology
American University of Malta
Queen Mary University of London
London School of Commerce Malta
Global College of Malta
STC University
Learn Key Institute
SMC Business School

All of these form the rich mesh of the best colleges in Malta for international students that provide vibrant academic opportunities and pave the way for fruitful careers.

Popular Courses to Study in Malta

Historically, Malta has been one of the foremost in the naval and mathematical development race. This was the impetus behind Malta’s trading connections between Africa and Europe, which was fostered through education at the best universities in Malta at the time.

In the present day, this legacy of invention and innovation has only gained more prominence in some of the best malta courses for international students. If you’re yet undecided on the prospect of education here, a closer look at the top courses in Malta can help:

Computer Science, Information technology, and Systems
Art, Design, and Media
Business Administration and Digital Innovation
Environmental Engineering
Mathematics and Natural Science
Legal Studies
Social Science
Medicine and Health

Intakes to Study in Malta

Educational institutes generally have cycles timed throughout the year that facilitate student intakes and admissions. Some universities have one yearly intake, while others can have three or occur twice a year.

Intake Description
Winter/February Intake One of the common intakes in Malta is winter intake which starts from February and ends in June.
Fall/October Intake Another common intake in Malta. It starts in October and ends in January.

Note: Each intake offers specific courses. Some subjects are available for all intakes, while others are limited to either. It is important to clarify with the educational institution you’re applying for to ensure you are updated with your major and its application deadlines.

Scholarship Opportunities for Indian Students to Study in Malta

There are various tax benefits, deductions and scholarships in Malta for international students. This removes a chunk of the financial burden and makes accessing educational opportunities easier for disadvantaged people. Most international students receive 50% scholarships for pursuing tertiary education in Malta. However, students with extraordinary achievement and academic qualifications can get even more.

This list of Malta scholarships for international students takes a closer look into such benefits:

University of Malta Scholarship: This scholarship covers the tuition of financially disadvantaged students studying at the University of Malta. It is available for PhD and Master by Research programs.

Maltalingua Scholarship program: This four-week scholarship program in Malta covers various aspects of English language education. It covers:

IELTS classes
Standardized English classes
Pedagogical and learning materials required for the course, including exam and certificate fees
Shared housing
Shuttle service at the airport upon departure

Endeavor Scholarship scheme: This is a competitive scholarship scheme introduced by the government that covers subjects in various fields like health, sports, business, humanities, etc.

Malta Arts Scholarship Scheme: This scholarship covers Malta university fees for international students for qualifying students pursuing a first degree, a second degree, an undergraduate diploma, a joint degree, or a postgraduate qualification.

Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme: As the name suggests, this scholarship covers the tuition of athletes, coaches, sports administrators, and educators. These include: Physical education, Sports Law, Sports Medicine, Sports coaching, and many more.

Best Places To Study in Malta

Thousands of international admissions are made into educational institutes in Malta each year. These contribute to the growing international workforce and cultural diversity in Malta. Here are some cities that such students and travelers swear by and find their new homes in:


This city is home to the University of Malta, the oldest university in the world outside of England, dating back to the 16th century.


Sliema on the East Coast is where all the English majors go. It’s small in size, which makes commutes quite short and accessible.


This is a great option for students who’d rather live closer to the shores. The markets here make it possible for students on a dime to stretch their funds and be thrifty.


Valletta, capital of Malta, established in the 1500s, showcases baroque-style architecture influenced by the Roman Catholic order.

San Gwann

Close to Sliema in the Northern Harbour District, San Gwann is sparsely populated and is considered a thrifty option for students.


This is a part of Mlata’s “three villages,” alongside Lija and Balzan. One of the most remarkable things about Attard is that it has been inhabited since the classical period.


This is one of the largest towns in Northern Malta and a favorite among traveling students for its sprawling beaches.


As a fortified city that used to be Malta’s capital during antiquity, Mdina would pique the interest of any archeology or history student.

These cities form the bedrock of culture and education in Malta. They welcome students and travelers from all over the world and make education and academia immersive.

Find The Cost of Study in Malta for International Students

Studying in Malta opens up numerous intercontinental avenues for students. But before you apply, knowing the study in Malta cost for international students for different program structures is necessary.

Education level Average annual tuition fees
(in Euros)
Undergraduate courses 8500-15000
Postgraduate Programs 10000-27000
Specialized programs 9000-30000
PhD 14000-20000

Note: It is important to consider that the costs of studying in Malta ultimately depend on your course structure, university type, and education level. Each university has its fee structure that is added to the living cost in Malta for international students and other utilities.

Explore the Living Cost in Malta

The cost of living in Malta for international students can vary greatly according to your city, your tuition or financial support through scholarships, and your living standard. Here’s a breakdown to help you tally:

Utility Monthly Cost (in Euros)
Rent 600-700
Internet 30-34
Household utilities 75-80
Monthly local transport 25-30
Cost per meal 6-10

Note: It is important to consider that the cost to live in Malta can vary greatly according to location, lifestyle, and the specificities of your situation. The figures above are not absolute but approximations that are subject to change in due time or location.

Malta Student Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Apart from your application and acceptance letter, the visa is the next most important document you need to make your educational move to Malta. There are quite a few requirements for Malta student visa for international students. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need before contacting your local travel embassy for Malta study visa intake.

A valid and active passport

This should be an active passport that will not expire during your stay in Malta.

Passport size photograph

To study in Malta, fulfill the passport photo requirement, following precise dimensions and guidelines set by educational institutions or immigration authorities.

Acceptance letter from your enrolled university

This is an indispensable document in the Malta study visa requirements for Indian students that forms the basis of your travel permit.

Travel insurance

This is necessary to cover your educational travel to Malta.

Proof of adequate funds

This is necessary to show that you are capable of funding your stay in Malta for the duration of our education.

Documents outline travel plans

Maltese Embassies insist on having an outline of your mobility during your educational stay in Malta and pre-booking your travel.

Proof of English proficiency

Test results for either TOEFL, IELTS, or PET are necessary to prove your proficiency in English as a means of communication and education in Malta.

Visa application fee

You can pay this according to the specifications of the embassy.

Medical insurance

This is another essential Malta student visa requirements for Indian citizens to cover any medical costs during your stay.

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