Study in Cyprus

Why Study in Cyprus?

Cyprus is the Mediterranean Sea’s third largest island, behind Sardinia and Sicily. It is situated near the junction of Europe and Africa. Cyprus is a big country in Europe with a strong international presence. So, when you visit Cyprus, you will meet individuals from all cultures worldwide. Furthermore, studying in Cyprus will give you a high-quality international education at a reasonable price.

Here are a few reasons why it is perfect to study in Cyprus for Indian students.

Living and studying here is affordable

The tuition prices ranging between 4,000 to 8,000 euros in Cyprus are significantly lower than those charged by colleges in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and China, making it perfect to study in Cyprus for international students.

English is commonly spoken

Almost 3/4 of the population speaks English, so everything should be fine. The large number of tourists who visit Cyprus each year contributes even more to the popularity of the English language. Hence, you mustn’t worry if you are not well-versed in English.

Great scenery and variety

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, provides more than just stunning beaches. It is home to some spectacular scenery. Troodos, Macheras, and Stavrovouni are among the island’s most stunning forests and mountains. You may admire their unique architecture and enjoy traditional cuisine!

Cyprus is a cultural melting pot

Internationals from more than 50 nations come to live, study, and settle here. As a result, Cyprus is a multicultural and multilingual environment in which people can easily feel welcome, assimilate, and find a second home.

Relaxing lifestyle

The island’s warm weather, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and charming coffee shops offer an ideal relaxation from daily life. If you’re in Cyprus, get a coffee, walk around the island, take an ice cream break, and then relax at a restaurant.

Great nightlife

Cyprus offers many nightlife options to suit all preferences. Limassol comes alive at night, with numerous nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. On the east coast, Ayia Napa is a clubber’s dream, with approximately 20 nightclubs catering to enthusiasts.

Education System in Cyprus: A Comprehensive Overview

The Education Ministry and Culture administer the Republic of Cyprus’ education system.

Pre-primary Education

Pre-primary education seeks to shape the child’s personality and offer a learning environment to prepare them for further studies. Children as young as three years old may begin pre-primary education, which continues until the age of six. Nursery schools and kindergartens provide this level of education.

Primary education

Primary education prepares children mentally, emotionally, and socially. The level of education teaches students fundamental literacy and numeracy skills while also preparing them for secondary education. Children from 6 to 12 may attend primary school. This educational level is required in Cyprus and is provided free of charge by public schools.

Secondary education

Secondary education in Cyprus includes secondary, general technical, and vocational education. Children of ages 12 to 18 undertake this education in Cyprus. The children are provided several specialisations depending on their skills and needs.

Tertiary Education

Tertiary education in Cyprus begins with a bachelor’s degree, which lasts four years, followed by postgraduate courses. The Education Ministry and Culture manages the higher educational private and public institutes in Cyprus that provide tertiary education.

Private Education

Private education in Cyprus is not free and the fees structure varies from institute to institute. The private schools are registered with the Education Ministry and Culture of Cyprus and adhere to the curriculum and rules of the law.

Special Needs Education

Cyprus comprises numerous schools that provide education to the children who are physically and mentally challenged. Children aged 3 to 18 are provided education in regular schools and extra lessons are provided after classes.

Discover the Best Universities in Cyprus for Indian Students

The top universities in Cyprus for international students provide excellent education that helps shape their future. Wanting to study in the top universities in Cyprus, check the ones discussed below to get a clear view of the best universities in Cyprus for Indian students.

Name of the University University Best Known For
University of Cyprus Comprehensive Research
European University Cyprus Business & Health Sciences
Cyprus University of Technology Engineering and Technology
University of Nicosia International Relations and Medicine
Cyprus Institute of Marketing Business Management and Marketing
Neapolis University Pafos Environmental Sciences and Real Estate
Frederick University Art and Architecture
Open University of Cyprus Distance Learning
UCLan Cyprus Law and Business
American College Nicosia Tourism and Hospitality Management

These colleges in Cyprus for international students provide excellent degree courses and have links with major organisations to which you can apply for job positions. Every Cyprus university equips you with the latest knowledge and skills every organisation looks for in an employee.

Top Courses to Study in Cyprus for Career Growth

Courses in Cyprus are designed to satisfy international standards. With a primary emphasis on research and hands-on training, it’s an ideal location for advanced studies. Courses such as MBBS in Cyprus for Indian students provide comprehensive learning and ensure that students are industry-ready, thanks to the country’s strategic relationships with global industrial sectors.

Some of the best courses to study in Cyprus for Indian students can study in Cyprus include:

Business Management
Marine Sciences
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Information Technology

Essential Insights on Cyprus Study Intakes

Universities in Cyprus typically have two primary intake seasons, allowing students to begin their academic careers whenever it is most convenient. The intakes to study in Cyprus include:

  • Fall Intake, and
  • Spring Intakes are the two study intakes in Cyprus.
Intake Description
Fall Intake The primary intake in Cyprus is often referred to as the September/October intake. Most universities and institutions accept undergraduate and postgraduate applications for this intake.
Spring Intake Some universities in Cyprus provide a secondary admission in February/March, sometimes known as the Spring intake or the February intake. This intake is available for a few programs, mostly at the postgraduate level.

*Note: Remember that the intakes and deadlines differ among the different universities in Cyprus. You must confirm the deadlines for intakes and deadlines from the official websites. Also, international students must verify the visa processing times to be eligible for education and select the courses they wish to enroll in.

Top Scholarship Options for Indian Students to Study in Cyprus

The top universities in Cyprus offer academic scholarships as an incentive for performance, with the majority of students receiving 50%, 75%, or 100% scholarships or reduced tuition fees. These grants help Indian students with their financial shortcomings. You can contact the top education consultants to learn more about the scholarships.

Some of the scholarships in Cyprus include:

  • Tomorrow Leaders Scholarships: Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship is a fully or partially funded scholarship sponsored by Cyprus West University. As one of the scholarships to study in Cyprus, international students are entitled to apply for it.
  • Cyprus Science University- Scholarships: Cyprus Science University is a study in Cyprus scholarship program that offers a full-tuition grant for international students. International students are eligible to apply for and receive Master’s scholarships.
  • Neapolis University Scholarships: As one of the top scholarships in Cyprus for Indian students, Neapolis University Cyprus offers a scholarship for a BSc in Civil Engineering. International students are entitled to apply for Bachelor’s scholarships.
  • PhD Scholarships: PhD Scholarships at the Department of Social and Political Sciences, is a scholarship offered by University of Cyprus. Applicants are eligible to apply and receive a scholarship for a PhD.
  • Cyprus International Institute of Management Scholarships: It is offered by Cyprus International Institute of Management. It is one of the top scholarships in Cyprus for international students.

Discover the Best Places to Study in Cyprus

Cyprus, with its rich history, beautiful scenery, and dynamic culture, provides a unique and enriching experience for students seeking higher education. Students from all around the world flock to this place to undertake higher education. Every city in Cyprus is different from the other and has its own customs. Students and tourists are never bored as there are always new things to discover here.

Let us look at the top places to study in Cyprus for international students, include:


Nicosia, Cyprus’ capital and largest city is a thriving metropolis that combines history, culture, and modernity. Nicosia, home to the University of Cyprus and several other institutions, has a thriving student community.


Limassol, located on Cyprus’ southern coast, is noted for its magnificent beaches, vibrant waterfront, and bustling business hub. The city is home to the Cyprus University of Technology and has a variety of cultural attractions.


Larnaca is a coastal city renowned for its ancient beauty, gorgeous walkways, and bustling beachfront cafes. The city is home to Larnaca College, which provides international students with a peaceful and welcoming environment.


Paphos, located on the southwest coast of Cyprus, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rich history and ancient treasures. The city is home to Neapolis University Pafos and has gorgeous scenery.

Lefkosia (Nicosia)

The northern half of Nicosia, commonly known as Lefkosia, is under Turkish authority and provides a distinct cosmopolitan experience. It is home to organisations like Near East University and has a Cypriot tradition blend.


Famagusta, located on Cyprus’s eastern coast, is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and rich history. Eastern Mediterranean University, located in the city, provides a diverse range of programs in engineering, medicine, and business.


Kyrenia, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic Kyrenia Mountains, is a lovely city famed for its breathtaking beauty and laid-back vibe. Students can visit historic places, participate in outdoor activities, and discover the city’s particular character.


Paralimni, located in the Famagusta District, is a busy town with sandy beaches and a vibrant environment. While not as well-known as other major cities in Cyprus, Paralimni provides a variety of educational options.

Every city in Cyprus offers opportunities for international students to pursue higher education. However, it is dependent on the student where they wish to settle down.

Breaking Down the Costs: Studying in Cyprus - Tuition and Beyond”

Going to a foreign country without understanding the education and living expenses will have a huge toll on you. Although Cyprus is much cheaper than other nations, it still costs a lot. This tubular format will discuss the Cyprus cost study for Indian students:

Study Program Annual Tuition Fees (Euro)
Undergraduate Program 3,500 – 8,000
Post- Graduate/ Master’s Program 5,000 – 10,000
Doctoral Degree 10,000 – 25,000

*Note: The cost of studying in Cyprus depends on the universities and courses.

A Look at the Cost of Living in Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is affordable and varies depending on the lifestyle, location, and amenities of the students. Let us look at the living cost in Cyprus for international students from the following table:

Expense type Monthly Average Cost in CYP(Approx.)
Rent (single room apartment) 210 – 250 CYP
Utilities (electricity, water, gas) 35 – 50 CYP
Internet 15 – 25 CYP
Mobile phone 15 – 20 CYP
Groceries 100 – 150 CYP
Food (eating out) 70 – 100 CYP
Public transportation 20 – 30 CYP
Health insurance 25 – 30 CYP
Entertainment (movies, events, etc.) 35 – 50 CYP

*Note: The Cyprus living expenses vary from student to student.

Crucial Checklist: Cyprus Study Visa Requirements

Every nation has its own visa requirements. Similarly, it is important that you consult with education consultants to know the specific visa requirements for Cyprus. The requirements for Cyprus study visa for Indians include the following:

Acceptance letter

The applicant receives a letter of acceptance from the university where they have been selected. This document contains all relevant information concerning the courses and time schedules. It is one of the mandatory Cyprus student visa requirements for Indian students.

Academic qualification

The applicant should have completed all educational reports. Graduation requires a high school diploma or outcome, whereas post-graduation requires a valid graduation degree. You can request help from study abroad consultants to learn about Cyprus study visa fees.

Fee payment receipts

As proof of no outstanding balances, fee payment receipts are required to speed up and simplify your application procedure. This also demonstrates that you have no outstanding dues at the university. It is another mandatory Cyprus study visa requirement for international students.

Medical insurance policy

The country wants the applicant to have quick and good access to healthcare benefits, and the international applicant should pay a reasonable price. As a result, medical insurance allows the individual to access the country’s benefits more easily.


Your passport serves as proof of your identity and nationality. A valid passport with an expiration date of nearly 6 months is required. Therefore, always keep your passport updated or create one if not.

Proof of funds

Proving that you have the funds to support your living expenses and tuition fees is critical to ensuring that you can study properly. The Cyprus study visa cost for Indian students is affordable.

No Criminal Record

You must not possess any criminal records stating that you have violated legal laws or endangered other individuals. Having a criminal record will disqualify you from continuing your education in Cyprus.


A bank guarantee issued by your sponsor’s bank confirming that the sponsor would cover your living and educational expenses in Cyprus. The bank guarantee must be provided within the last six months.

Additional Documents

You must also possess any additional documents that the Cyprus institute you are applying to requests you. SOP, travel health insurance, and other such documents are required. You can request help from the education consultants.

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