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August 11, 2023

This article delves into the study in Australia after 12th arts options, highlighting various after-12th arts courses available in the country. Explore the importance of pursuing arts education and the benefits of studying in Australia for Indian students in this blog.

Top Universities for Arts in Australia

When considering study in Australia after 12th arts, it’s essential to know the best universities in Australia for Indian students. These institutions offer excellent opportunities for academic and personal growth. Here is a table showing the top universities for arts in Australia:

University QS Rankings 2023 Courses Offered Campus Facilities
University of Sydney 41 Fine Arts, Music, Drama Libraries, Art Studios, Clubs
University of Melbourne 14 Literature, Media Studies, Design Modern Campus, Sports Complex
Australian National University 30 History, Languages, Creative Writing Research Centers, Cultural Events

These Australian universities are renowned for their world-class education and diverse campus life.

Available Courses for Arts Graduates

When considering study in Australia after 12th arts, you’ll find a diverse range of options to pursue. Here are some compelling choices:

1. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Delve deep into your artistic passions with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This program allows you to refine your skills in various artistic disciplines, providing a platform to express your creativity to the fullest.

2. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Various Specializations
The Bachelor of Arts offers a wide array of specializations catering to your interests. Whether it’s literature, history, languages, or other humanities subjects, this degree equips you with critical thinking and communication skills.

3. Bachelor of Design (BDes) Options
For those inclined towards design and innovation, the Bachelor of Design program is one of the best degree courses after the 12th. They are designed to nurture your creativity and problem-solving abilities. Explore areas like graphic design, fashion, or industrial design.

As you embark on your academic journey, these programs are among the best courses after 12th for arts graduates, shaping a promising future in your chosen field.

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Advantages of Studying Arts in Australia

Embarking on a journey of study in Australia after 12th arts offers a multitude of enriching experiences and opportunities. Immerse yourself in a multicultural learning environment where you’ll interact with peers from around the globe, broadening your horizons.

Australia’s vibrant arts scene provides exposure to diverse artistic perspectives, fostering creativity and inspiration. Engaging in degree courses after the 12th allows you to refine your skills, nurturing both creativity and critical thinking.

So, whether you’re pursuing performing arts, visual arts, or literature, Australia promises an educational adventure that nurtures your passion while equipping you for a dynamic future in the arts.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

When considering study in Australia after 12th arts, exploring available scholarships for international students is a crucial step. These scholarships can significantly alleviate the financial aspects of education. Learn about application procedures and deadlines, and gather tips for securing financial support to ensure a smooth academic journey.

Here are some well-known scholarships:

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Offered to international students at the University of Melbourne.
  • Provides $10,000 tuition fee remission in the first year or 50% fee remission for a three-year undergraduate degree.
  • Also offers 100% fee remission for the full three-year duration.

Destination Australia Scholarship:

  • Offers four-year scholarships to international students in Certificate IV or Ph.D. programs at remote campuses.

Government-funded Scholarships:

  • Provided by the Australian government.
  • Available for specific undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Exploring these opportunities can help you pursue the best course after 12 arts and can make your educational dreams in Australia a reality.

Cost to Study in Australia

When contemplating study in Australia for Indian students, understanding the financial aspect is crucial. Here’s an overview of average costs (in USD) for international students:

Expense Estimated Cost
Tuition Fees $20,000 – $35,000/year
Accommodation $10,000 – $20,000/year
Living Expenses $12,000 – $18,000/year

These figures provide a general idea of expenses. Actual costs can vary based on factors like location, lifestyle, and choice of college, city and course. Adequate financial planning ensures a successful academic journey.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

The journey of study in Australia after 12th arts doesn’t just promise academic growth; it also offers a robust career after 12th arts with compelling part-time work options. International students can explore various part-time job opportunities, ensuring a balanced lifestyle while studying.

Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week part-time. Moreover, internships and practical training within art programs provide hands-on experience, enhancing skills and employability. Australia’s favorable post-study work visas open up exciting pathways for graduates to kickstart their careers.

Application Process Step-by-Step

Your dream to study in Australia after 12th arts involves a systematic approach to ensure a smooth transition. Here’s a concise guide on how to navigate the process:

1. Researching Universities and Courses:
Begin by exploring courses for art students offered by various Australian universities. Consider factors like course content, reputation, and location.

2. Preparing and Submitting Applications:
Once you’ve shortlisted universities and courses, prepare your application materials, including transcripts and recommendation letters. Ensure you meet application deadlines and submit your applications online.

3. Visa Application and Travel Arrangements:
After receiving acceptance letters, apply for an Australian student visa. Fulfill visa requirements and demonstrate financial stability. Plan your travel arrangements, including accommodation and essential documents.

Navigating the after 12 arts what to do scenario requires careful planning and thorough execution. By meticulously following these steps, you can embark on a successful academic journey in Australia, setting the stage for a promising future.

Choose Jupastro: Best Study Abroad Consultants In India

When considering study in Australia, the guidance of Jupastro can be an invaluable resource. As the best overseas education consultants in India, we provide expert advice and assistance throughout your journey. From selecting suitable universities and courses to navigating visa processes, our expertise ensures a smooth transition. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of study in Australia for Indian students, Jupastro is your partner in making informed decisions and realizing your educational aspirations Down Under.

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