Study In New Zealand Without IELTS: A Complete Guide

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April 25, 2024

Consider going to study in New Zealand? You’ll be happy to know that you can study in New Zealand without IELTS. It is a fantastic decision! With over 37,800 foreign students, it’s a well-sought after destination because of the great colleges, great infrastructure, and highly qualified teachers.

To study there normally requires a score on an English proficiency exam, such as the IELTS. However, you may still get accepted to several New Zealand institutions without it! In this blog, we have covered all the details you need to get admitted into new zealand universities without ielts.

Why Come To New Zealand To Study?

For overseas students, New Zealand is an excellent destination. In the below paragraphs, we have mentioned some of the best reasons to study in New Zealand after 12th:

1. Top-Ranked Education:
New Zealand universities provide top-notch programs that equip you with the know-how and abilities you need to be successful in your chosen area.

2. Go deep in your area of specialization:
Do you want to go deeper into your field of interest? Universities in New Zealand provide state-of-the-art resources and courses to enable you to fully explore it.

3. Welcoming Environment:
New Zealand is renowned for having a diversified and amiable population that has a good standard of living.

4. Prospective Future:
International businesses greatly value the graduates of New Zealand universities. The nation gains from having a sizable student population and provides graduates with some of the best-paying positions!

Can Someone Study in New Zealand without taking the IELTS exam?

Although studying in New Zealand without IELTS often requires passing English exams, there’s good news! Some colleges still accept applications without IELTS. Students can still apply for the chosen course without IELTS scores.

Best Universities To Study In New Zealand Without IELTS

Let us look at the best universities to study in without IELTS:

1. University of Auckland:

Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are available at the top-ranked universities in New Zealand with no IELTS, such as the University of Auckland. They accept results from other English language exams you’ve completed, such as the PTE or TOEFL. If you’ve completed your education predominantly in English, they may see your scholastic record as evidence of your fluency in the English language.

2. University of Otago: 

It is among the best universities in New Zealand without IELTS which is present in the lovely city of Dunedin, and is renowned for both its magnificent landscape and its top-notch humanities and medical programs. Their standards for proficiency in English are also negotiable! If English was your major in school, they could acknowledge any prior English language proficiency examinations, such as the PTE or TOEFL.

3. UniTec: 

Unitec is a technical school in Auckland that provides hands-on learning experience in subjects including computer training and mechanics. Their main goal is to prepare you for employment. Because of this, if English was your primary language in school, they could take into account your professional experience or previous efforts (like a portfolio) rather than an English exam.

4. Lincoln Institution:

Situated close to Christchurch, Lincoln is a specialized institution with an emphasis on environmental science, land use, and agriculture. If you received the majority of your education in English, they could take into account your academic background or accept alternative English proficiency examinations.

Eligibility Criteria To Study In New Zealand Without IELTS

Below is a criteria for how to study in New Zealand after 12th without taking the IELTS exam:

1. If English has been your primary language of instruction for the last five years of school, including elementary or high school (grades 8–12), you are exempted from taking the IELTS exam.

2. Interview with the University: Some institutions may request an interview from you instead of receiving your English test results. This gives them a clear opportunity to evaluate your English communication abilities.

3. Alternative Tests: If you have results from other English proficiency exams, such as the PTE or TOEFL, you may still submit them.

You’ll need particular documentation (which isn’t included here) in addition to these university criteria for your application to study in New Zealand without IELTS.

What Happens If The Candidates Are Foreign Students For Whom English Is Not Their First Language?

Let us understand this with the help of an example. For example, if you want to study in New Zealand from India, the Qualifications Authority (NZQA) grants exemptions from the IELTS test to overseas students who have not studied English as their first language for non-university tertiary education providers in New Zealand. Category-I institutions are free from taking the TOEFL and IELTS tests since they have their standards for determining an internal student’s level of English language competency. These tests are advantageous for these pupils since they are comparatively simpler than the IELTS. Nonetheless, Category-II institutions have mandated that overseas students whose first language has not been English in school take the IELTS to study in New Zealand.

Documents Needed For New Zealand Study Without Taking the IELTS

Let’s examine the paperwork needed to apply to New Zealand institutions without taking the IELTS exam:

  • A genuine certificate from the school attesting to your academic achievement in English Academic records, including grades.


Are you considering studying in the breathtaking New Zealand? Certain colleges allow you to skip the IELTS exam. We’ve tried to include all the information in this blog that requires you to begin your journey. Now you can explore courses to New Zealand after 12th and research how to get the New Zealand Study Visa Without IELTS process to turn your dream into reality.

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1. IELTS is not required for study in any program in New Zealand.

Not always. Even though many colleges provide IELTS substitutes, it’s advisable to confirm the particular prerequisites for the program and university of your choice. Regardless of the school, some programs may have more stringent English language requirements. To be sure, visit the university’s website or get in touch with the admissions office or you can also take guidance from study abroad consultants.

2. What other English language competence exams are recognized by institutions in New Zealand?

Instead of the IELTS, certain colleges may accept results from the Pearson Test of English or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Once more, it depends on the particular needs of the university and program.

3. What happens if English was my major language of instruction but I don’t fulfill the standards for schooling?

If you attended school mostly in English for a considerable period of time (such as the last five years or your high school years), certain colleges may use your academic history as evidence of your English competence. To find out if the university has a policy on this, visit their website or get in touch with them.