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June 7, 2024

Indian students going abroad to further their education has gradually increased, and Singapore is one of their most preferred countries of choice. Singapore is a well-developed nation with many universities that provide many courses to students worldwide. Whether it is science, engineering, business, law, arts, or education, many universities in Singapore for international students offer degrees in all fields.

Education in Singapore has several advantages for learners, and any students from India can study in Singapore after 12th science and elevate their career.

Candidates willing to pursue higher education in Singapore after passing the 12th standard can consult with an abroad education consultant. However, information about things that have to be known to those who are willing to move to study in Singapore from India is given in the article.

Cost of Studying In Singapore

Studying in Singapore is an expensive experience when considering the study abroad option. Therefore, studying in Singapore for Indian students can be cheaper depending on the course of study or university chosen and the life the student wants to lead. Two broad categories of expenses are incurred when studying: Singapore study costs and general living expenses.

Tuition Fees

It is important to note that the tuition fee in Singapore varies by individual’s nationality, where Singapore citizens pay lower prices than international students. Other than the Singapore education cost, the students need to pay additional student services charges, etc:

Degree Type Average Tuition Fees
Bachelors  SD$ 17,000 – SD$64,000
Masters  SD$ 35,000 – SD$90,000

Cost of Living

The living costs, such as personal expenses, leisure activities, and many other expenses, are comparatively high for international students in Singapore. This is why if you decide to study in Singapore, you must set a budget for your costs and make your spending effective in advance. Therefore, excluding rent, you will require between approximately SD$1000 and SD$1400 monthly or, on an annual basis, between SD$12000 and SD$16800. On average, the main components of the cost of living in Singapore for international students are as follows:

Particular Average Cost Per Month
Apartment housing including utilities SD$ 2,000 – SD$ 5,000
Food SD$ 350 and upward
On-campus housing SD$ 250 – SD$ 600
Books and supplies SD$ 150
Miscellaneous SD$ 500

Study in Singapore after 12th Science

We have bifurcated the opportunity for Indian students to study in Singapore after the 12th into two broad categories to make it easy to opt for. You can choose the course to study from the medical stream or non-medical stream as mentioned below:

Study in Singapore after 12th Medical

  • Pharmacy
  • Biological Sciences’
  • Psychology
  • Medicine & Surgery
  • Physics
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing

Study in Singapore after 12th Non-Medical

  • Bioengineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry

Other Courses in Singapore after 12th

Singapore has much to offer as a student-friendly country due to its predominantly translated cultures and fluent English-speaking public. International Students are also granted a wide range of programs from the best universities in Singapore to achieve their choice of undergraduate degree. Here are a few courses to study in Singapore after 12th science:

Study in Singapore after 12th Commerce

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing

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Study in Singapore after 12th Arts

  • Acting
  • Animation
  • Fashion design
  • Interior design
  • Theatre studies
  • Visual & Fine Arts
  • Music

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Admission Requirements to Study in Singapore after 12th Science

Different demands must be met to qualify for entry for the students who wish to pursue the best universities in Singapore after the 12th grade. Following are the mandatory requirements for admission to study in Singapore are given below: Following are the mandatory requirements for admission to study in Singapore are given below:

1. Language proficiency test results
2. Test results for high school
3. Completed application form
4. Personal statement
5. Reference letters
6. Evidence for financial assistance

What Are Some of the Best Universities in Singapore?

Singapore has different universities and colleges that offer various study fields. For this reason, some colleges in Singapore for international students are globally recognized, while students receive quality education.

1. National University of Singapore
2. Nanyang Technological University
3. Singapore Management University
4. Singapore University of Technology and Design
5. James Cook University, Singapore
6. Singapore University of Social Sciences

Singapore Scholarship After 12th For Indian Students

The Government of Singapore and many universities give numerous scholarships to international students. To be eligible for scholarships, the students must have an excellent academic record, a good skill set, and excellence in other activities, sports, etc. Here are a few Singapore scholarships for Indian students after the 12th:

1. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships
2. David L. Boren Scholarships.
3. Ministry of Education (MOE) Tuition Grant Scheme
4. ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships
5. Civil aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Local Undergraduate School.
6. MobilitySeeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship
7. National University Of Singapore Undergraduate Scholarships

Student Visa Requirements in Singapore

SOLAR stands for ‘Students Organized for Logistics and Access to Registration’, a student registration system in Singapore that provides student visas called student passes. International students who wish to study in Singapore without IELTS for more than 30 days course in IHL (Institutes of Higher Learning or universities) require a student pass. The average time to process a student pass is 15 to 30 days. And if you need an interview, an additional month is added to the time taken.

Singapore Cost Types of Singapore Student Visa
Short term Student pass Valid for 3 months for certificate or diploma courses
Long term Student Pass For the duration of a Bachelor or Master course.


Moving to Singapore after 12th class provides an excellent educational experience and a wealth of self-development chances and paves the way for a bright and prosperous career. The presence of good universities, diversity of courses, and innovation in learning make Singapore an institution that moulds its learners to compete in the international market. There are many costs of studying in Singapore for Indian students compared to other countries.

Still, when one looks at the importance of education, tuition expenses, and future careers, it is worth it. Start your academic endeavors in Singapore Schools with Global education consultants to discover the opportunities waiting for you! Singapore is a perfect destination for anyone who wants a first-class education while experiencing some of the most culturally vivid and developed countries. Contact the Study Abroad Consultant India if you need assistance considering your options and planning your finances.

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1. Do universities in Singapore accept year gaps?

Yes, some universities accept year gaps, but when a student takes a year gap doing the course with relevant work experience, it is preferred over a candidate with a gap of one year and no work experience.

2. How Much Does Study Cost In Singapore?

The nominal cost per credit in Singapore or the cost of study in Singapore ranges from approximately $ 400 to $ 800. It does, however, depend on the course, the duration of the course, and the university to which you want to apply for admission.

3. What is required to study in Singapore?

Students generally require 10th and 12th grade point averages, besides the IELTS and TOEFL scores of at least 6, to be eligible for undergraduate admissions in the region. Ensuring the students score 5-7 or 90-100 to meet the core standard of English proficiency.