The Ultimate Guide to Study in Australia After 12th Science

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January 16, 2024

Australia is emerging as one of the top study-abroad destinations for Indian students. The nation provides options for students to study in Australia after 12th grade. One can choose from a variety of fields. Do you want to study in Australia from India? Reading this article will increase your knowledge of the prerequisites for post-twelfth-grade study in Australia.

Why Should You Study In Australia After 12th Science?

Below are some common reasons to study in Australia for Indian students:

  • International Recognition
  • Diverse Learning Environment
  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Career Opportunities
  • Exposure to cultural differences
  • Global experience

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List Of Highly Demanding Courses to Study in Australia after 12th Science With Annual Fees

There are several courses to study in Australia for Indian students after 12th Science. We have listed some of the best courses in Australia after 12th Science along with their approximate annual tuition fees:

1. Physical Therapy – AUD 32,000 – AUD 56,700/yr.
2. Master of Science- AUD 32,000 – AUD 54,000/yr.
3. Computer Application- AUD 42,000 – AUD 55,000/yr.
4. Nursing Bachelor’s Degree- AUD 30,000 – AUD 40,000/yr.
5. Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering in Medicine- AUD 34,000 – AUD 45,000/yr.
6. Pharmacy Bachelor’s Degree- AUD 40,000 – AUD 56,000/yr.

Each of these courses offers a unique blend of knowledge and practicality. One can choose from any of the above courses. Also, medical courses in Australia after the 12th are highly sought after by Indian students.

Best Universities In Australia For Science Programs

If you are an Indian student looking to Study in Australia after 12th Science, then below are some universities you can consider:

1. University of Sydney
2. University of Melbourne
3. University of Queensland
4. University of Adelaide
5. The University of Western Australia
6. Monash University
7. University of New South Wales Sydney
8. The University of Newcastle

Let’s Explore Admission Requirements To Study in Australia After 12th Science For Indian Students

If you are an Indian student looking to Study in Australia after 12th Science, then below are some admission requirements that you must fulfil:

1. Academic Requirements:
Indian students who have completed their science 12th-grade courses must have a good academic background and high scores in related subjects, such as mathematics, chemistry and physics.

2. English Language Proficiency:
To qualify for enrolment, candidates should speak English. Australian universities use standardized assessments, such as the TOEFL and IELTS tests, to check the language competence of Indian students. Moreover, you need to meet the language demands of a potential university.

3. Entrance Exams:
Some courses will demand standardized tests or entrance exams. In science-oriented areas, students may need to take tests such as GRE or GMAT based on the program and institution. The minimum percentage required for Australia after 12th Science for Indian students is between 60–65%.

4. Application Process:
Indian students should put together a wide-ranging application, which includes academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statements of purpose.

Important Documentation Required To Study in Australia after 12th Science

It is important to understand the visa process and documentation before you apply for a student visa to Australia:

1. Student Visa Application:
To start, apply for a student visa subclass 500 through the Australian immigration website or an authorized representative.

2. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE):
Confirm your enrolment for the 12th Science program with an acknowledgement from your selected Australian educational institution.

3. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Statement:
Hand the Australian government a GTE statement indicating you cannot wait to study and, upon course completion, will return home.

4. Evidence of Financial Capability, Health Insurance, and Passport Validity:
Financial stability, health insurance coverage, and valid passports are some of the most important documents. These documents are needed to apply successfully when studying in Australia.

Few Scholarships Available for Indian Students To Study in Australia After 12th Science

As an Indian student, you can even go for scholarships, as they can drastically lower your study expenses. These grants enable students to study in Australia after 12th from India at a more affordable cost.

1. Australian Government Scholarships:
Consider such scholarship programs as the Australia Awards presented by the Australian government, which can financially assist foreign students studying Science.

2. University-specific Scholarships:
Australian universities award scholarships for excellent academic merit or certain science-related programs.

3. Research Grants and Fellowships:
Pursue research grants and fellowships for scientific research projects to drive innovation.

4. Grants From Private and Non-profit Organizations:
Look for scholarships from private companies and other non-profit organizations that promote science education. These entities often partner with universities to sponsor worthy students undertaking science courses in Australia.

How To Start: Planning Your Study Abroad Journey

Given below are some tips to plan your study abroad journey in Australia:

1. Research and Choose Wisely:
Select different countries and universities and focus on academic offerings, culture and lifestyle. Consider visa regulations, cost of living and future job opportunities after graduation.

2. Financial Planning:
It is suggested to make a budget that should account for the tuition, accommodation and daily expenses. Research scholarships and financial grants to lessen the burden associated with finances.

3. Application Process:
To understand admission requirements, deadlines, and necessary documentation, write a strong personal statement and collect letters of recommendation.

4. Cultural Preparation:
Familiarize yourself with local customs, culture and language. Meet with current or former international students to know their perspectives.

5. Health and Safety:
Get health insurance and all the vaccinations required for a student visa to Australia.


Australia, with contemporary standards of education, is much better than any other place in the world when it comes to higher education. Learning from highly qualified teachers and benefiting from the country’s research-based education are just some benefits one can find if they go to Australia after their 12th-grade year. If you plan to study abroad in Australia after the 12th, look for the best education consultants in India to help you through the process.

We have answers to all your questions about studying abroad. From the best Australian universities and student housing to scholarships, the overseas education consultants in India know it all. So, talk to us and make your dream of studying abroad a reality.