Study In France After 12th Commerce: A Complete Guide

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March 20, 2024

Are you looking to study in France after 12th Commerce? France is well-known for its excellent educational opportunities and thriving, vibrant culture. France is famous among international students due to its esteemed universities, globally recognized research centres, and wide range of subjects, including business, technology, and arts. French higher education stresses critical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills to equip students for success in this globally evolving environment. Moreover, France gives international students an enriching educational experience due to its rich cultural heritage, vibrant towns, and splendid landscapes. All these factors create a stimulating environment that is helpful for learning and personal growth.

For students who are planning to study abroad after 12th Commerce, studying in France can be an excellent choice to begin!

Why Study in France After 12th Commerce?

There are numerous significant advantages of studying in France after 12th Commerce. The country is well-known for its exceptional universities. France’s universities for international students provide the best educational opportunities in various fields. Furthermore, students also get to immerse themselves in a multicultural society and experience diverse cultures, traditions and viewpoints.

Considering its excellent education system, studying in France remains affordable when compared to other European countries, with numerous scholarships included. As a major economic powerhouse, studying here provides enormous networking and job opportunities.

Benefits of Studying in France for Indian Students

The following are some benefits of studying in France for Indian students:

1. World-class Universities: France has the world’s best universities and colleges, including several business schools with triple accreditation.
2. English-taught Programs: French is a significant and extensively spoken language worldwide. Studying in France gives Indian students the chance to pick up the language and become more fluent.
3. Affordable Cost of Living and Studying: Public universities provide affordable, high-quality education in France. Studying in France is less expensive than in the UK and the USA.
4. Career Opportunities: French businesses are well-represented around the world. Consequently, Indian students may find that a degree from a French university opens doors to professional chances abroad. High employment prospects are, therefore, one of the main advantages of studying in France.
5. Appealing Destination: France is renowned for having a rich historical and cultural legacy. While studying in France, Indian students get the opportunity to fully experience the nation’s cuisine, music, art, and architecture.

Best Courses To Study In France After 12th Commerce

Studying in France for international students offers them an affordable option. France is best known for its business courses, although other courses have also gained popularity recently. Given below are some popular courses to study in France after the 12th:

1. Bachelor of Commerce
2. Business administration
3. Business law
4. Accounting
5. Finance
6. Economics
7. Chartered Accountancy
8. Marketing, etc

These are some of the best courses to study in France after 12th Commerce.

Top Universities To Study in France After 12th Commerce

Top universities in France are well-known for offering quality education to students from across Europe and around the world. It has some of the best law schools, business schools, engineering schools, and so on. Some of the high-ranked French universities for international students and top French universities for Commerce include:

1. SKEMA business school
2. HEC Paris
3. Paris school of business
4. ABS Paris
5. NEOMA business school, etc

Scholarships To Study in France After 12th Commerce

Students with good scores, strong academic backgrounds, and extracurricular achievements are eligible for various scholarship awards by the French government. Apply before the deadline to take full advantage of these changes.

Students can study abroad in France and avail of scholarships offered by various educational institutions. Examples include grants from institutions like EDHEC Business School, Rennes Business School, and the Emile-Boutmy Scholarships by Science Po. Additionally, according to Campus France, over 500 scholarships sponsored by the French Government are available for outstanding Indian students aspiring to pursue higher education in France. Listed below are both governmental and non-governmental scholarships that are open for application:

1. Government Scholarships
2. Eiffel Scholarship Program of Excellence
3. Erasmus+
4. The Chateaubriand Fellowship

Non-Government Scholarships

1. AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Support
2. Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA)
3. The Fulbright Scholarship

Cost To Study In France For Indian Students

One major factor to consider is the cost of studying in France. The tuition fee for international students pursuing a bachelor’s program in France is approximately €2,770 per year. Public universities in France have very low tuition fees for most Bachelor’s programs, around €170-260 per year. Private universities, especially business schools, have significantly higher tuition fees, ranging from €3,000 to €10,000 per year.

Students can opt for educational loans to cover tuition fees, the cost of living, and other expenses. For quick loan approval, keep all the documents ready, check eligibility, and meet all the requirements. Foreign students who study in France from India can also work part-time. According to French law, students can work up to 964 hours per year. A minimum wage of €7.61 per hour is also currently guaranteed by law.


Studying in France after the 12th Commerce offers plenty of opportunities for Indian students looking for quality education in a multicultural environment. France’s esteemed universities, popular for their world-class education and diverse range of programmes, offer an enriching educational experience. Moreover, the affordable cost of living and learning and various scholarship opportunities make France an appealing place get-away for aspiring students.

The variety of courses accessible, starting from business administration to finance, guarantees that students can seek their educational choices with flexibility. Overall, studying in France after 12th Commerce opens doors to a world of academic excellence and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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