A Simple Guide To Study In France Without IELTS

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March 12, 2024

Want to study in France without IELTS? Do not worry! This guide is here to help you skip the IELTS exam and get your education in France.

France is the ultimate place for students, with great universities, tons of history, and a friendly learning environment. Plus, many schools in France now have classes taught entirely in English, so international students find it easy to pursue their education in the city. There are over 1,500 programs in English across all sorts of subjects, so you can find something that is ideal for you.

This guide will help you navigate the requirements for studying in France for Indian students. It will also explain what other options you have if you are unable to meet the IELTS requirement for France. Thus, you can study in France without stressing about France IELTS requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Alternatives To Study In France Without IELTS

Below are some alternatives to IELTS that can help Indian students pursue further education in France without IELTS:

1. Additional English Language Tests:

The TOEFL, PTE Academic, and C1 Advanced are a few additional English proficiency tests you may want to take instead of the IELTS France. These tests can be utilized for your student visa application and are frequently recognized by French universities. There may be some differences between IELTS and TOEFL, but TOEFL is preferable to IELTS in many French institutions.

2. University Interview:

To evaluate your proficiency in the English language, several universities have interviews. The university may forgo the need for an IELTS band if you do well in your interview and show proficiency in the language.

3. Prior English Language Education:

If you have previously attended an English language school, you can present documentation of your academic achievements from that school. This may be used instead of an IELTS application or any other English competence test.

4. Academic Transcripts:

Several French colleges recognize high academic standing as proof of English ability rather than the need for an additional language exam. Thus, you can improve your chances of getting in by concentrating on getting good scores in your prior certifications.

5. University Acceptance Letter:

Having an acceptance letter from the university of your choice can be quite important. If you can produce this letter, many French colleges may remove the requirement for an English proficiency exam. This acceptance letter is also helpful to apply for a study visa.

Leading French Universities For International Students Without an IELTS

Gone are the days when students needed an IELTS score for a France student visa. There are several universities and institutes that provide you the opportunity to study in France from India without taking the IELTS exam. The following is a list of prestigious French colleges that accept international applicants without the need for the IELTS:

University Details
American Business School, Paris It is well-known for its worldwide business programs and master’s in France for Indian students. It also attracts students due to its English-based curriculum.
EBS Paris EBS Paris is well-known for its global links and offers a variety of business degrees.
EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science With a focus on information technology and computer science, EPITA offers programs taught in English, making it available to students worldwide.
ESAIP School of Engineering Renowned engineering school. ESAIP provides English programs for various engineering specialities and is also the best French university without IELTS.
ESC Rennes School of Business, Rennes, France The esteemed ESC Rennes offers an array of business and management programs, all taught in English
ESGCI, Paris ESGCI is a great option for students looking for English-taught courses because it specializes in international business and marketing programs and is also one of the best universities in France without IELTS.
The INSEEC Business School, France Renowned business school INSEEC provides a range of English-language business and management degrees.
ISC Paris France ISC Paris caters to a global student body by providing international English language testing system programs emphasizing international business.
The NEOMA School of Management The NEOMA Business School is located in Reims, France, and offers a variety of business programs. Some courses are taught in English.
SKEMA Business School It is well-known for its international reach and offers an extensive range of business programs taught in English.

A Detailed Info On France Visa Application Process

Below are the steps to apply for a French study visa without IELTS:

Step 1: Look into Universities and Apply

After some study, make a list of French universities or institutions that best fit your academic and professional objectives. Examine their ranks and qualifying requirements. Then, apply online to the colleges you have selected. Once you obtain an admission letter, you’ll be one step closer to applying for a France student visa without IELTS.

Step 2: Video and Skype Interviews

If your application is accepted as part of the France study visa IELTS requirements, you will probably receive an invitation for a Skype or video interview to evaluate your commitment and English language skills. Achieving success in this interview is essential for acceptance.

Step 3: Cover Your Tuition

When applying for a France study visa without IELTS, you will receive a letter of confirmation upon acceptance. After that, you must pay the first year of your program’s tuition. Budgeting for living expenses should not be overlooked.

Step 4: Applying to Campus France

Sign up at the Campus France webpage. To get a No Objection Certificate (NOC), you must bring several documents to an interview, including your passport, acceptance letter, and evidence of your financial situation.

Step 5: File a Student Visa Application

IELTS is unnecessary for a student visa via VFS France with your Campus France NOC. Send in the necessary paperwork, give a biometric, and pay the fees. Anticipate ten to fifteen working days for processing.

To guarantee a seamless trip, begin the visa application procedure at least three weeks before your intended departure for France.


Studying in France without IELTS is feasible with the array of English-taught programs and alternative language proficiency options available. Institutions like the American Business School, Paris, and EBS Paris offer excellent opportunities for Indian students seeking masters in France without IELTS. Understanding the France visa application process, including registration with Campus France, is crucial. For further assistance, consult the study abroad consultants in Jaipur, India who can guide you through different English language proficiency tests and visa requirements. With the preparation and support of the best overseas education consultants in Jaipur, studying in France without IELTS can be a rewarding experience, fostering academic and personal growth.

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