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March 14, 2024

Are you planning to study in Germany after 12th Science? Studying in Germany after 12th Science gives a lot of experience and grooms an individual’s personality.

Germany is a great place to study after high school (12th grade)! They have many universities with lots of different courses to choose from. They’re known for being creative and having excellent schools. Plus, they have modern research facilities and fun cultural events. Germany is becoming just as popular for international students as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. They welcomed over 350,000 international students in just one year! That’s a lot! There are now almost half a million international students studying in Germany.

Duration of Courses in Germany After 12th

The typical duration for a Bachelor’s program is three years and takes around 6 to 7 semesters. German Art and Music Colleges usually span eight semesters or four years, and Fachschulen bachelor degrees last 2 years. A Bachelor of Medicine program generally takes 6 years to complete.

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Eligibility Requirements To Study In Germany After 12th Science

For Germany university admissions in undergraduate programs, Indian students generally require approximately 90% marks in their 12th-grade examinations. To study in Germany for Indian students after 12th, they might also be required to complete a year of a bachelor’s program in India or pass exams such as FA or IITJEE to be eligible for a German undergraduate course. Furthermore, demonstrating English proficiency is mandatory through TOEFL or IELTS tests.

Top Undergraduate Courses To Study In Germany After 12th Science

Numerous foreign programs to study in Germany for Indian students are offered by German universities and institutions. Universities provide the best courses after 12th science, which emphasize research and are more application-oriented, and teach a number of these courses and some of them provide study in Germany for free.

1. Applied Biology (BSc)
2. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BCCB)
3. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biotechnology
4. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
5. Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences
6. Bachelor of Science in Physics
7. BSc in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology (MCCB)
8. Computer Science (CTS)
9. International Physics Studies Programme (IPSP)

Top Universities To Study In Germany After 12th Science

Here are the top universities in Germany to study a Bachelor in Science after 12th:

1. TU Berlin
2. Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
3. University of Bayreuth
4. RWTH Aachen University
5. University of Stuttgart

All these courses are provided by the best universities in Germany, which is in demand and helps to groom students who study abroad in Germany.

Scholarships To study in Germany after 12th

Following high school, Germany’s government provides numerous scholarships to Indian students studying abroad. Studying abroad can become much more affordable with the aid of these scholarships. Let’s examine a handful:

1. Global Study Awards: Your eligibility for this scholarship is determined by your academic performance. It can provide up to Rs 10 lakh to pay for your education.

2. European Commission Scholarship Programs: The European Commission offers these scholarships. They assist with living expenses, travel, and other expenditures associated with studying in Germany.

3. DAAD RISE: Science or engineering students can apply for this scholarship. It provides funding to pay living expenses for a student interning at a German institution for two to three months.

4. Stipend for RWTH Aachen: Attending RWTH University can apply for a number of scholarships to assist with their tuition. They could cover up to 50% of your educational expenses.

5. EMS Undergraduate Scholarship: European Management School undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It can help you grow by providing worldwide exposure and covering half of your tuition.

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Documents Needed In Germany to Study

To make your application process for Germany University run smoothly, you’ll need to collect some documents first. These will typically include your academic records and proof that you can financially support yourself during your studies.

1. Copies of your grade sheets for classes 10 and 12
2. Documentation of your bachelor’s degree and transcript if you completed a year-long program in India
3. Bank statements and proof of funds in your account
4. The purpose statement (SOP)
5. IELTS or TOEFL results

You will need to apply for your visa after your application is granted. Studying in Germany is typically held in October for winter admissions and April for summer admissions, so be sure to stay current on the university’s requirements and dates. Please submit your applications at least two months before the deadline to ensure prompt processing.

Cost of Courses in Germany

Public universities in Germany are relatively more affordable after high school, unlike expensive private ones that cost between 10,000 EUR (INR 8,97,000) and 15,000 EUR (INR 13,46,000) annually. There might be scholarships to help pay for the university itself, but you’ll still need your own money for everyday living costs.

Extra Expenses While studying in Germany

Expenses Cost
Accommodation EUR 450 – 550 (INR 40,000- 49,000)
Food EUR 50 – 75 (INR 4500 – 6800)
Transportation EUR 19 – 40 (INR 1,700 – 3600)
Others EUR 50 – 100 (INR 4500 – 9000)

Germany Study Visa Requirements

To study in Germany after 12th science could be the best decision, for that you need a study visa for Germany which includes some of the documentation:

1. Filled visa application form
2. Valid national passport and copies
3. Birth certificate
4. Marriage certificate copy (if married)
5. Child’s birth certificate copy (if applicable)
6. Recent passport photos (up to three)
7. Copies of previous German residency documents (if any)


What a fantastic country to study abroad in! Germany It’s a top choice because of its fantastic universities, a wide selection of courses, and a friendly atmosphere for international students. You must understand eligibility, application procedures, and visa acquisition to turn your desire to study there into a reality. But don’t worry! To make sure your trip to Germany is easy, the best¬† top study abroad consultants in Jaipur can help you at every stage.

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