Study In Ireland After 12th Science: A Detailed Guide

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May 24, 2024

Many students find it difficult to move on after high school. The schooling you choose may not have much to do with career planning. There are plenty of opportunities to explore your interests and stream options. However, the transition between high school and college is crucial to the direction of one’s career. The world is full of career options, which is confusing, especially when going abroad. It is possible that receiving solid career advice at this pivotal time in one’s lifetime will help to define the path ahead. However, discussing how to study in Ireland after 12th science and exploring the options is crucial.

Education Degrees in Ireland

Find out what courses are available for international students at every level to study in Ireland after the 12th. The following are the different levels of education available to international students in Ireland:

Bachelor’s degree in Ireland – International students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree in Ireland can choose from various subjects. The full-time bachelor’s degree is usually completed within 3 to 4 years.

Master’s degrees in Ireland ¬†Ireland offers a wide range of master’s programs in many different subject areas. This is due to its high expertise and appreciation for higher education. You must have a bachelor’s or diploma to apply for any postgraduate course from Ireland universities.

Doctoral programs in Ireland – It takes three to four years for a full-time doctorate in Ireland. You will be supervised by at least one supervisor from the university, school, department or research institution during your Ireland PhD. Throughout your PhD program, you will regularly meet with your supervisory committee.

Top Universities To Study In Ireland After 12th Science

Ireland offers a wide range of higher education programs, from diplomas to doctoral degrees, for international students who are committed to excellence and have a global ranking. It will surprise you to learn that the eight best universities in Ireland rank among the top universities in the entire world. The reputation of Ireland colleges for international students is excellent around the globe. Here are some of the best Irish universities:

1. Trinity College Dublin
2. University College Dublin
3. National University of Ireland
4. University College Cork
5. Dublin City University
6. University of Limerick
7. Maynooth University
8. Technological University Dublin

Best Courses For International Students To Study In Ireland

Ireland has a wide range of courses to study in Ireland for aspiring students. The education system in Ireland’s universities is on par with that of any other European country.

1. Science Courses To Study In Ireland From India

Some of the popular science courses to study in Ireland from India offered by Irish universities:

  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Software Engineering
  • Physiotherapy
  • Computer Science

Besides science courses, the city offers various course options for arts and commerce students.

2. Arts Courses To Study In Ireland From India

Some of the popular arts courses are:

  • BA in graphic design
  • BA Hons in media production
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Animation
  • MA in interaction design

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3. Commerce Courses To Study In Ireland From India

Moreover, the course options for commerce students in Ireland:

  • Business Management and Administration
  • Business Analytics
  • Accounting
  • MBA in marketing
  • Human resource

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Scholarships For Studying In Ireland

You can apply for scholarships for international students in Ireland if your budget is limited. International students can apply for various scholarships from the Irish government and universities. These include merit-based and need-based awards. These are some of the scholarships that are available to students looking to study in Ireland from India.

1. The Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences offers scholarships to its members.
2. The Walsh Fellowship
3. The Government of Ireland International Education Awards.
4. The Government of Ireland Postgraduate scholarship.

Indian Students’ Eligibility to Study in Ireland

A minimum score of 60% in Standard XII or higher is required for each course. Students who score around 50% can apply for foundation and diploma programs. Before enrolling in a program, a student must be at least 18 years old. Remember that while the entry requirements to Irish universities may be lower, they are not any less rigorous. You should, therefore, prepare yourself to handle a high level of education in the future.

Documents required to Study In Ireland After 12th Science

The documents needed to study in Ireland for Indian students are the following:

1. Academic Transcripts – Mark Sheets for Standard XII and Bachelor’s Degree (if applicable).
Internet-based IELTS or TOEFL scores
2. Two letters of recommendation from your employer/manager if you have experience in the field.
3. Statement of Purpose
4. Academic Resume
5. Portfolio (for students applying to art and design or architecture programs).
6. Others (Certificates/achievements at the state and national level and extracurricular activities)
7. Proof of Funds
8. Health Insurance
9. Your passport copy

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How to Study in Ireland from India?

Admissions processes in Ireland vary from university to University. They all follow a standard admissions process.

1. You must determine whether you are an EU applicant and what level of study (Bachelor or Master) you would like to attend.
2. Choose the course that you wish to study.
3. Compare and contrast institutions that offer your course.
4. You can apply for courses online with all the required documents.
5. Know the cost and scholarship options for your course.
6. After being accepted, you must apply for the correct student visa based on your chosen course.


Pursuing higher education after 12th Science in Ireland offers many academic, professional and personal benefits. The university offers a world-class education and diverse programs. Also, it provides research opportunities and an inviting environment. Let our experts, the best study abroad consultants in India, assist you if you have any questions.