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May 20, 2024

Students from around the globe can study in Switzerland without IELTS. This country is offering scholarships for students who do not have IELTS in the academic year 2024-2025. This scholarship is open to all students in the world. It provides Master’s and Ph.D. programs. Some universities in Switzerland do not require IELTS. Switzerland offers international students an excellent opportunity to study abroad.

Students from around the world come to Switzerland to study. They find it a peaceful, calm, and tranquil country. Master’s and PhD programs are offered in various attractive fields, including Business Management and Engineering, Hotel Management, and Films and Media. During their studies, many international students explore the entire country of Switzerland. Students can Study in Switzerland even without IELTS.

Students with outstanding academic records want to study in Switzerland after 12th for Indian students and improve their intellectual ability and skills to serve their home country and society better, so this is the best opportunity. They are encouraged to apply and take this opportunity to improve their lives positively.

The majority of universities we will discuss in this article offer scholarships to study in Switzerland without IELTS. They do not charge an application fee. The government of Switzerland recently announced that many scholarships are fully funded for international students. Also, we provide information about the Switzerland universities without IELTS offering fully funded internships and fellowships. Here you can find all the details and information.

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How To Study In Switzerland Without IELTS?

You can write a waiver letter if you already have a high level of English. This will prevent you from taking the test and presenting the results. An IELTS Waiver Letter is a written communication in which you request the admission board for an IELTS exemption. If you don’t have IELTS results, a waiver letter is needed.

You must meet specific criteria varying from school to school to request a waiver. Some common criteria are:

1. If English isn’t your first language but you have completed a degree in English in the USA, UK, or Australia.
2. If your university’s instruction language is not English, you do not have to submit proof of IELTS or request an IELTS waiver. In some Swiss universities, the language of instruction is German at the bachelor’s degree level.

You can apply for a Study Permit in Switzerland using your English Proficiency Certificate without IELTS. This letter is obtained from the college or university where the candidate completed their degree. Students can apply easily now. Students must inform the university that their previous degree was in English.

List of Universities In Switzerland Without IELTS

The following list includes Switzerland universities for international students that offer admission without IELTS.

1. The University of Geneva
2. The University of Basel
3. The University of Bern
4. The University of Fribourg
5. The University of Lausanne

Requirements for Studying in Switzerland

There is a requirement to study in Switzerland for international students:

1. The 10+2 qualification from an accredited board is required to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree or undergraduate diploma.
2. Students who wish to pursue a PG degree or diploma must have a full-time Bachelor’s Degree with high scores.
3. The English proficiency test is optional in Switzerland. Some universities do require IELTS scores.
4. Admission to the program is contingent upon submitting a Statement of Purpose. This is a statement that explains the goals and purpose of the student.
5. It is essential to have a letter of recommendation (LOR). Submitting at least two LORs to be admitted to Swiss universities is mandatory.
6. Documentation is an essential eligibility criterion for admission to Swiss Universities.
7. Documents include transcripts, passports, certificates, SOPs, and letters of recommendation.
8. GRE and GMAT test scores are mandatory for admission to Swiss universities. To get into top universities, students must take the GRE.
9. Admission is aided by work experience between two and three years. Prior work experience is required for MS, MBA, and post-graduation courses.

Scholarships for Studying in Switzerland without IELTS

Several scholarships are available to international students who do not need IELTS for masters in Switzerland for Indian students. Some examples include:

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships:
These are scholarships awarded by the Swiss Confederation for international students to pursue graduate studies in Swiss universities. The IELTS is not required, but the student must be motivated and have an excellent academic record.

2. ETH Zurich Scholarships for Excellence:
These are scholarships awarded by ETH Zurich to international students pursuing a master’s degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The IELTS is not required, but the student must demonstrate an outstanding academic record and a keen interest in their chosen field.

3. Cantonal and Communal Awards:
Some cantons and municipalities offer scholarships to international students. Most of these scholarships do not require IELTS scores, but the students must be motivated and have an excellent academic record.

4. University of Geneva Awards:
Several University of Geneva scholarships are available to international students. These do not require IELTS scores—the University of Geneva awards scholarships based on academic merit and financial necessity.


In 2024, studying in Switzerland without IELTS will be possible thanks to the flexibility offered by universities and the availability of scholarships. For a successful application, preparing and understanding the specific requirements is essential. You can have a rewarding academic experience in Switzerland by applying for scholarships and using alternative proof of English. Contact a global educational consultant in India if you want to pursue education in Switzerland without IELTS.

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1. Which alternative proofs are acceptable for English proficiency?

  • A letter from an institution that confirms the language of instruction is English.
  • You must prove that you have completed your education in an English-speaking country.
  • Some universities may also accept other English language certifications, such as TOEFL.

2. What are the leading benefits of studying in Switzerland?

Studying in Switzerland offers many benefits, including high-quality education, diverse scholarship options, and extensive networking opportunities.

3. What is the cost of studying in Switzerland?

Scholarships can reduce the cost of studying in Switzerland. While tuition fees are higher for international students than for Swiss citizens, they are often significantly lower for international students. The cost of living is high in Switzerland, so it is essential to budget for food, accommodation, and other expenses.

4. Is it possible to study in Switzerland without IELTS?

Yes, it is possible, if you don’t have IELTS. This is true if you meet specific criteria, such as studying English before or providing other proof of English fluency.