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March 29, 2024

Are you looking to study in Singapore after the 12th? Singapore is one of the most fantastic options for pursuing your graduation or even master’s. In this blog, we will understand different aspects of studying in Singapore after the 12th. That way, you can better consider your options!

Singapore’s educational system is excellent; students are taught in innovative and engaging ways, and finding employment is simple once you graduate. It makes sense why so many students from India and other nations wish to attend college there!

Furthermore, studying in Singapore for Indian students at a reasonable price is extremely easy.

Why Study in Singapore After the 12th?

There are numerous advantages to studying in Singapore after 12th grade. Choosing it as your graduation destination will be one of your life’s best decisions. With students coming from all over the world, it is swiftly emerging as a major global hub for education. Its many excellent international colleges give you a scope to develop your personality and find various opportunities. Not only bachelors, students come from various parts of the world to do a masters in Singapore.

Singapore is the best place for you to finish your degree for all of the reasons listed below:

  • High-quality education.
  • A multicultural cosmopolitan
  • Education grants
  • The distinctive policy of bilingual education
  • Reasonable education and living costs

Singapore Student Visa Requirements: Complete Checklist

A student pass is the term for a student visa in Singapore. You must submit certain documents to study in Singapore after the 12th and receive approval for the student visa. Following are some crucial records needed for a student visa to Singapore:

1. Filled out ICA Form 16 and Form V36.
2. Receipt of paid application fee.
3. Letter of acceptance from the University of Singapore.
4. Two passport-sized photos.
5. Proof of funds to support your stay in Singapore during your studies.
6. Valid passport.
7. Proof of English language proficiency (if applicable).
8. All the previous academic documents.

At a college or university where students come to study abroad in Singapore, international students are permitted to work up to 16 hours a week while pursuing their studies.

Scholarships To Apply For Studying Singapore After 12th

After the 12th grade, the following are the Singapore scholarships for Indian students! These scholarships function as monetary grants to assist with the cost of your education. To have access to one of these, you must have outstanding grades, participate in a variety of activities (well-rounded), and possibly even be an athlete! Let us quickly look at some of these scholarships:

1. Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Local Undergraduate School.
2. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships.
3. ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships.
4. MobilitySeeker Outdoor Sports Scholarship.
5. David L. Boren Scholarships.
6. National University Of Singapore Undergraduate Scholarships.

Cost To Study In Singapore After 12th

For Indian students, studying in Singapore and paying for Singapore study costs after high school might vary from 12 to 20 lakh rupees. This depends upon the particular school you choose and the course of study you will be taking. In essence, the costs of various degrees and institutions vary. The following are the costs of studying in Singapore for Indian students:

Courses Tuition fee per annum in SGD (Approx). Tuition fee per annum in INR (Approx).
Medicine 135,000 83,38,517
Media Studies 37,000 22,85,371
Arts and Social Sciences 29,000 17,91,237
Engineering/ Computer Science 37,000 22,85,371
Law 37,000 22,85,371
Architecture and Design 38,000 23,47,138

Best Singapore Universities List For Indian Students

Selecting the correct Singapore university is just as important as selecting the appropriate field of study. Keeping that in mind, the following is a summary of the best undergraduate programs in Singapore:

1. Management University of Singapore (SMU)

SMU is the best university for overseas students in Singapore. By combining an internship with their coursework, they ensure that every student gains practical experience. This is in addition to their usual coursework. They also provide a popular undergrad curriculum called Business Management with Organizational Behavior and Human Resources if you’re from India and seeking to study business.

2. Technology and Design University of Singapore (SUTD)

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is one of the best universities in Singapore. SUTD merges their programs with MIT, so classes from both universities may be offered depending on your course of study. SUTD even offers exchange programs that would allow you to spend a little time studying at MIT and living on campus!

3. The University of Nanyang Technological (NTU)

Despite being relatively newly established compared to other international colleges, NTU is among the fastest-growing and best universities in Singapore for international students globally. Here, the majority of Indian students select the undergraduate Aerospace Engineering program.

Courses You Can Pursue After The 12th In Singapore

Studying in Singapore provides a wealth of opportunities. International students have a variety of diploma courses in Singapore from which to select. Here are some Singaporean courses available to Indian students:

Study in Singapore after the 12th Commerce

1. Finance
2. Accounting
3. Supply Chain Management
4. Business Studies
5. Economics
6. Management
7. Marketing

Study in Singapore After 12th Science

To make it easier for Indian students to choose, we have separated our study in Singapore after 12th science into two segments . As stated below, you have the option of selecting a course to study from the medical or non-medical streams:

Study in Singapore after 12th Medical

1. Pharmacy
2. Biological Sciences
3. Psychology
4. Medicine & Surgery
5. Physics
6. Dentistry
7. Nursing

Study in Singapore after 12th Non-Medical

1. Bioengineering
2. Civil engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Chemistry

Study in Singapore after 12th Arts

1. Acting
2. Animation
3. Fashion design
4. Interior design
5. Theatre studies
6. Visual & Fine Arts
7. Music


After high school (12th grade), studying overseas can be a dream come true, and Singapore is a great place to do it! It has an incredible blend of world-class universities, a lively multicultural community where you can meet individuals worldwide, and financial aid to help make it more accessible.

To navigate the application process, scholarship options, and university selection, consider seeking guidance from the best study abroad consultants in India, Jupastro. We as the best overseas education consultants will guide you and solve all your queries about studying abroad. With our expertise, you can confidently take the first step towards your academic journey in Singapore!

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