How To Study In Switzerland After 12th: A Detailed Guide

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April 2, 2024

Studying in Switzerland after 12th grade is an excellent alternative for students globally. Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Switzerland is also known for having one of the best educational systems in the world, frequently placing it in the top educational destinations. Not only private universities but some of the public universities in Switzerland are equally good. The top list of colleges in Switzerland keeps changing, so one must check the list frequently for updates.

Let us quickly discuss the Switzerland university fees for graduation and post graduation. The tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree in Switzerland is around 10 to 25 Lakhs in Indian currency, while the tuition fee for a master’s is about 30-35 lakh INR for Indian students.

Therefore, it is a fantastic option for those looking to pursue a top-notch education overseas. In addition, studying in Switzerland for Indian students is a financially secure and convenient option. It is also a top-notch travel destination for students wishing to experience Europe due to its long history of peace and Schengen Zone membership.

Why Study In Switzerland After 12th?

Here are some reasons to study in Switzerland after the 12th:

Excellent Educational Framework:

1. Adaptable and provides a range of curricula (PhD, graduate, and undergraduate).
2. For Indian students, many colleges do not require the Switzerland IELTS score for an exam!
3. Prestigious institutions like ETH Zurich and the University of Lausanne.
4. German, French, and English language programs are offered.

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A Nation Welcoming To Students:

1. Two Swiss cities are included in the world’s top student cities list.
2. After graduation, there are several internship and employment options (15 Fortune 500 businesses).
3. Switzerland is a pioneer in innovation, which creates a dynamic atmosphere.
4. You’ll fit right in because overseas students comprise around 25% of the population!

Funding and Scholarships:

1. Scholarships are available for admission in Switzerland universities for international students.
2. Switzerland scholarship even pays for everything!

Friendly Ambience:

1. International students are welcomed in the cosmopolitan nation of Switzerland.
2. Prepare for a lively way of life and the opportunity to encounter Swiss culture!

Top Courses To Study In Switzerland After 12th

Here are some popular courses in the best universities in Switzerland for international students after their 12th:

1. Business Management
2. Hotel & Hospitality Management
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Banking & Finance
5. Quantitative & Systems Biology
6. International Law
7. Applied Mathematics
8. Interdisciplinary Sciences

Top Universities And Their Ranking

Switzerland is a global centre for education! Here’s a short overview of some of Switzerland’s best universities if you’re considering studying there, based on the QS World Ranking 2024. To give you an idea of prices, we’ll also add the typical tuition fees each semester (keep in mind that a semester is half an academic year) of top universities in Switzerland.

University Avg tuition fee / semester QS Ranking 2024
ETH Zurich 730 – 800 CHF #=7
Lausanne’s EPFL, or École Polytechnique Fédérale 780 – 900 CHF #=36
Zurich University 1,220 – 1500 CHF #=91
Geneva University 500 – 800 CHF #=128
Bern University 950 – 1500 CHF #=126
Basel University 850 – 1200 CHF #=124
The Lausanne University 580 – 1000 CHF #=220
The Italian Swiss University, or USI 4,000 – 5000 CHF #=328
The University of St Gallen (HSG) 3,000 – 3500 CHF #=436
The University of Fribourg 2,000 – 2500 CHF #=563

*Note: Please note that these figures are indicative only

These institutions are renowned for their top-notch research facilities and academic offerings, and they provide a broad variety of degrees.

Overview Of System Of Education

The primary attraction for overseas students to apply for education in Switzerland is its educational system. Switzerland study abroad has a large number of institutions that provide higher education. These universities provide a range of degrees:

1. In Swiss institutions, a bachelor’s degree normally lasts three years and requires full-time study.
2. To graduate with a master’s degree, one must normally study full-time for 1.5–2 years.
3. Typically, the one- to two-year Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) degree requires coursework, an independent research project, and a master’s thesis.
4. A doctorate takes three to five years to complete.

Roadmap Of Admission Process At Switzerland University

Getting admission into colleges in Switzerland for international students can vary depending on the school. But here’s a general roadmap to follow:

Research & Choose:

1. Learn about Switzerland’s education system and university types.
2. Find universities that offer programs in your field of interest.
3. Narrow down your choices based on programs and curriculum.

Check & Apply:

1. Compare tuition fees and scholarship options at your shortlisted universities.
2. Examine the application materials and eligibility conditions for each program.
3. Fill out the application, send in the necessary supporting materials, and pay the application cost.

Wait & Prepare:

1. Await the colleges’ response regarding your application selections.
2. After being approved, you can apply for a student visa to pursue your studies in Switzerland.

Switzerland Admission Requirements For International Students

Depending on the degree type, you must fulfil the following prerequisites before enrolling for further study in Switzerland after 12th.

1. High school academic transcripts
2. Language proficiency in English, German, or French
3. GRE/GMAT scores
4. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
5. CV/resume


Beyond the 12th grade, studying in Switzerland after the 12th provides excellent academic opportunities, cultural immersion, and bright future employment. Switzerland is the perfect place to pursue higher education because of its well-known universities and wide range of offerings. Through comprehension of the prerequisites for admission, investigation of leading colleges, and consultation with study abroad consultants in Jaipur, students may set off on a fulfilling academic path in Switzerland. Discover a world of possibilities and academic distinction in Switzerland. Consult the best study abroad consultants in Jaipur for Indian students who wish to study in Switzerland.

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