Study In Switzerland after 12th Arts – A Complete Guide

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May 6, 2024

Looking at Switzerland to study abroad? Many people around the world want to pursue education in Switzerland due to its emphasis on quality and rich cultural legacy. There are a lot of colleges in top Switzerland for international students. Switzerland presents an unmatched chance for Indian students who have finished their 12th grade in the Arts stream. This all-inclusive guide will reveal everything you require to start this thrilling academic trip. We’ll go into the many kinds of colleges and programs that are open to students majoring in the arts, examine the application procedure, and highlight the special features of studying in Switzerland, such as its diverse student body and breathtaking landscape that is sure to inspire you. So let us quickly understand how your dreams may come true with a Swiss education!

Why Study In Switzerland After 12th Arts?

Let us look at some of the perks of studying in Switzerland:

1. Affordable Education:
There are some of the top universities in Switzerland and the tuition fees are unexpectedly low, despite the country’s robust economy. Living expenses might be somewhat higher.

2. Top-Ranked Universities:
With top-notch programs available in a variety of subjects, including business, hospitality, and engineering, Swiss universities are often ranked among the finest in the world.

3. Multilingual and Culturally Diverse:
Switzerland universities for international students are nothing less than a dream come true! It’s a wonderful place to discover diverse cultures and learn new languages because it has four official languages and a hospitable culture that welcomes foreign students.

4. Fantastic Employment Opportunities:
There are also public universities in Switzerland which have amazing faculties, minimal unemployment, and excellent wages offered. This implies that you will have a great opportunity to secure employment following graduation.

5. Magnificent Beauty:
We must not overlook the breathtaking surroundings! Outside of your studies, Switzerland has several chances for exploration and leisure, including the famous Matterhorn, gorgeous lakes, and quaint villages.

What Should I Study In Switzerland?

Switzerland and studying abroad gives the students a plethora of opportunities.The greatest and most sought-after degrees to study in Switzerland after 12th arts are in subjects like banking and law. Some of the subjects to study in Switzerland are:

1. Swiss degrees in finance
2. Swiss degrees in international law
3. Swiss degrees in mathematics
4. Swiss degrees in international business

Where To Study In Switzerland After 12th Arts?

Let us quickly discuss the best universities in Switzerland to study after 12th arts.
Studying in Switzerland after 12th Arts not only develops the personalities of students but also gives them a lot of job opportunities. Some of the best Swiss Universities according to QS World Ranking 2024 are:

University QS World Ranking 2024
ETH Zurich 7
University of Zurich 91
University of Geneva 128
University of Bern 126
University of Basel 124
University of Lausanne 220
USI – Università della Svizzera italiana 328
University of St.Gallen (HSG) 436
Université de Fribourg 563

How To Apply At Top Switzerland Universities

In contrast to other nations, Switzerland lacks a dedicated application center or website that can handle your paperwork and submit your application on your behalf.

As it is, all you need to do is visit the program’s website and:

1. Fill out the online form.
2. Cover the application cost.
3. Make sure that the deadline doesn’t pass
4. Upload all required files.

Or just contact study abroad consultants as we can handle all the admission procedures for you.

Documents needed To Study In Switzerland

Usually, the following paperwork is needed for getting education in switzerland:

1. A signed copy of your application form, printed
2. Two images from a passport
3. Official transcripts from every university you attended
4. Together with a copy of your ID
5. Your bachelor’s degree or your high school diploma
6. Certifications demonstrating language competency in English, French, or German CV
7. proof that You have paid the application cost
8. Motivation letter or personal essay

Cost of Living in Switzerland

Setting up money for your study in Switzerland is crucial. Although 2,250 CHF a month is the average cost of living, this might vary based on the city and your lifestyle. Below is a summary of some important costs to think about:

1. Accommodation:
To study in Switzerland for Indian students, you require at least 1,000 CHF a month on average. This will probably be your largest expense. One excellent option to save money is to live in an apartment with other students.

2. Food:
Planning a monthly budget of about 500 CHF for groceries and meal preparation is a smart place to start because eating out can get expensive.

3. Fees:
Depending on your program, your monthly university tuition may vary from the normal amount of 900 CHF.

4. Travel:
Using public transit is a fantastic method to get about, and you should budget about 100 CHF a month for tickets or travel cards.

5. Healthcare:
Students in Switzerland are required to enroll in a health insurance plan. Base coverage should cost about 400 CHF per month.

Popular Courses Study In Switzerland after 12th Arts

It is important to be aware of Switzerland IELTS score for getting popular courses before examining the cost of studying in Switzerland for Indian students.

Popular courses in Switzerland that are taken by foreign students include:

1. Management of Hotels and Hospitality
2. Banking and Finance in Business Management
3. Application of International Law Quantities

Scholarships To Study In Switzerland After 12th Arts

Following are some of the scholarships available in Switzerland.

1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships:
These awards pay for living expenses, tuition, and even travel for Ph.D. candidates and postgraduate researchers!

2. ETH Zurich Excellence Master’s Scholarship:
This Switzerland scholarship provides funding for overseas students attending ETH Zurich to pursue a master’s degree up to 60,000 CHF.

3. Nestle MBA Scholarships for Women:
This program provides female students from underdeveloped nations with an MBA degree in Switzerland, along with 25,000 CHF.

4. UNIL Master’s Grants:
International students enrolling in Master’s programs at the University of Lausanne are eligible to apply for grants each month totaling 1,600 CHF.

5. Fellowships for Excellence at EPFL:
Postgraduate students at EPFL are eligible to earn a fellowship award of 10,000 CHF every semester.

6. University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships:
Under this fellowship, students enrolling in the University of Geneva’s Master of Science program will receive awards ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 CHF annually.


In conclusion, studying in Switzerland after 12th arts from the best universities in Switzerland for international students opens doors to a world-class education, breathtaking beauty, and a multicultural environment. With careful planning and the right guidance, you can turn this dream into reality. For expert assistance, navigating the application process and choosing the perfect program, consider consulting with a reputable study abroad consultant in Jaipur. Our consultants can provide personalized advice and support throughout your journey, ensuring a smooth transition to your Swiss studies.