Study in UK After 12th Commerce– What You Need To Know?

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February 6, 2024

The start of any academic pursuit is a major stage in every student’s life, and for those who have completed 12th grade, the United Kingdom offers an attractive destination. Study in UK for Indian students is a very sought-after opportunity. This blog post will discuss courses and colleges to study in UK after 12th Commerce.

Benefits of Studying in the UK After 12th Commerce

Commerce degree programs in the UK after 12th grade present a myriad of benefits. The UK is renowned for its:

  • Multitude of courses
  • Global Recognition
  • Diverse Learning Environment
  • Language Advantage
  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Internship and work opportunities
  • Research and Networking Opportunities
  • Career after 12th Commerce
  • Cultural Experience

Popular Courses To Study In UK For Commerce Students

Below are some popular Courses to Study in UK for Indian Students after 12th Commerce:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA):
One of the best courses to study in UK after 12th Commerce. UK BBA students should expect to acquire a comprehensive approach to business principles.

2. Commerce Bachelor (B.Com):
This established but in-demand program emphasizes laying a good foundation for commerce-related subjects.

3. Economics:
People interested in the international economies can take a bachelor’s degree program in Economics. Since we talk about earning potential, this is the best course in the UK after 12th Commerce.

4. Finance and Accounting:
These courses encompass taxation, strategic financial management, and financial reporting. This is one the best courses after 12th commerce.

Top Universities in the UK for Commerce Programs

There are several internationally recognized universities and colleges to study in UK after 12th Commerce. Among the prestigious establishments of USA University are:

1. Oxford University:
Any person who wants to study in UK thinks of The University of Oxford, which is known for its academic strength and also offers numerous prestigious programs in Commerce. Oxford is very popular for Studying in the UK after 12th. It’s said Business School is most famous for its MBA and executive education programs.

2. University of Cambridge:
The University of Cambridge is the perfect place for a student who wants to be in Commerce due to its history and reputation for academic success. It is among the top universities in the UK. The Judge Business School is famous for its business and management courses.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE):
LSE should be one of the best options for business students interested in economic, political, and business issues combined with global popularity due to social sciences issues focus. LSE is amongst the top business schools in the UK.

4. Imperial College London:
Imperial College London is a specialist college that focuses on programs related to science, engineering and medicine. These are among the best courses in UK after 12th Commerce.

5. University of Manchester:
This University is known for its friendly and international community. The Alliance Manchester Business School offers various business courses.

Admission Requirements To Study In UK

Let us now understand the admission requirements for Indian students to study in UK after 12th commerce. Academic prerequisites to study in UK are given below:

1. Age: 18 or older.
2. Education: 12th grade diploma from an accredited board (CBSE, ICSE, etc.).
3. Academic Requirements: 70–80% in your 12th commerce exam as other universities may only accept 65% on your humanities exam.
4. English proficiency: Depending on the standards of the university, score well on the IELTS (minimum 6.0–6.5) or TOEFL (minimum 87–90).

Extra Prerequisites:

1. Standardized Tests: Check the websites of individual universities to see if they require SAT or ACT scores.
2. The purpose statement (SOP) is a strong essay that highlights your academic objectives and program fit.
3. Letters of Recommendation (LORs): Having at least two LORs from mentors or educators can help your application stand out.
4. Portfolio: Not required for programs in design, art, or architecture, but required for some.

Following all these requirements for admission to UK scholarships for Indian students studying becomes easier and with the help of your academic caliber according to the requirements given above it would become more advantageous for Indian students.

Visa Process And Documentation Required To Study In UK

Students heading to the UK for further studies, must also understand the visa process and documentation required to study in the UK after the 12th Commerce. Read further to learn more:

1. UK study visa applications for international candidates typically should submit academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and proof of English language proficiency via TOEFL or IELTS.
2. Seven bands are required in the IELTS score for the UK. Furthermore, certain universities might require applicants to take a standardized test such as the SAT or ACT.
3. Students must apply for a Tier4 General student visa when admitted into the UK. The visa application process requires a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the chosen university, proof that you have adequate finances to live and study there, and provision of specific health requirements your character needs.

Scholarships for Commerce Education in the UK

Explore the financial support options and common scholarships for Indian students after the 12th available to alleviate the financial burden of studying abroad. Below are some scholarships and financial aids for commerce education in the UK:

1. Merit-Based Scholarships:
Acknowledging and rewarding academic merit with financial support granted based on your outstanding result
2. Need-Based Aid:
Offered per financial need so that lack of funds does not become a barrier to your educational dream.
3. Arts-Specific Grants:
Focus on grants tailored for top students in particular art fields that enable them to pursue your artistic activities.
4. Fellowships:
Find fellowships that fund research, higher learning, or creative expression.
5. Part-Time Employment:
Know the rules and benefits of part-time work, integrating employment into school life.

Tips And Strategies To Study Abroad

Ensure a smooth and well-prepared study abroad journey with these essential tips and strategies:

1. Early Planning: Start the planning process early enough to facilitate research, application, and preparation by sufficient time.
2. Connect with Overseas Education Consultants: Interact with top study abroad consultants in India to get professional assistance in the application process, university selection, visa formalities and so on.
3. Pre-Departure Preparation: Adopt the UK culture, values and academic lifestyle to ensure easy adaptation to your new learning platform.
4. Cultural Integration: Try to connect with the local culture and other international students.


Use the services provided by top overseas study consultants in India to get excellent outcomes. While sorting out enrolment procedures through visas and tuition fees, on the one hand, learners can find themselves in a multicultural environment full of intellectual adventures. This is the foundation of a successful and rewarding career in business. Consult the best education consultants in India for an increased chance of acceptance.

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