Study In Germany After 12th Commerce: Universities, Courses, Requirements

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February 13, 2024

Have you completed your Commerce 12th grade and are hoping to study in Germany after 12th Commerce? For students studying Commerce like you, Germany provides a thriving academic scene, well-regarded universities, and interesting prospects.

But how even do you start? This comprehensive guide is your one-stop shop for navigating the fascinating career after 12th Commerce in Germany. We’ll look at interesting courses that fit your interests, identify the top colleges for your goals, and simplify the prerequisites so that your application is a cinch. So gather your curiosity, pack your imaginary passport, and get set to go on an academic journey with the support of the best education consultants in India.

What Are The Benefits Of Study In Germany?

Given below are some benefits to study in Germany for Indian students:

1. Quality Education:
Top universities in Germany offer excellent teaching with modern facilities, providing a top-notch academic experience for students.
2. Program Options:
Germany has 423 institutions offering diverse degree and diploma courses after 12th commerce, with around 300 available in English and over 2000 in German, typically lasting 3 to 4 years.
3. Generous Scholarships:
In addition to the low or nonexistent tuition at many public colleges, international students can apply for a variety of scholarships to study in Germany for free.
4. Reasonably Cheap Cost of Living:
Germany is renowned for having a cheap cost of living, which frees students from heavy financial obligations and lets them concentrate on their education.
5. Career Opportunities:
International degree courses after 12th Commerce in Germany can offer you the opportunity to work both during and after your studies. This will enhance the employment prospects of graduates.
6. Post-Education Benefits:
A 1.5-year stay-back visa supports graduates in finding employment, contributing to a robust job market with an average package exceeding 40 Lakhs per year. The possibility of obtaining a PR/Blue Card after two years adds to Germany’s appeal for international education.

Top Courses To Study in Germany After 12th Commerce

There are several courses to study in Germany for Indian students after the 12th. One can choose between various subjects, including science, the arts, and Commerce, offered by German universities. The best courses after 12th Commerce in Germany for overseas students are listed below:

Find the list of courses below to find the best course for commerce students to study abroad after 12th:

1. Bachelor of Economics and Finance
2. Bachelor of Accounting
3. Bachelor of Management
4. Bachelor of Business Analytics
5. Bachelor of Applied Economics
6. Bachelor of Business Informatics
7. Bachelor of Administrative Economics
8. Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management
9. Bachelor of International Business
10. Bachelor of Digital Business & Management
11. Bachelor of Business Administration
12. Bachelor of Commerce (

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Best German Universities for Students 

Among these, public German universities stand out, offering world-class education, diverse programs, and often minimal or no tuition fees, making Germany university admission an attractive destination for those seeking quality education with financial prudence. There are also some free universities in Germany where you can avail scholarships to exempt your tuition. Below are some German universities for international students:

1. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
2. University of Mannheim
3. Humboldt University of Berlin
4. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Eligibility & Requirements To Study In Germany After 12th Commerce

Below are some eligibility & requirements to study in Germany after 12th from India:

1. Be Old Enough:
The minimum age to study in Germany after 12th is 18, so be sure you are at least that old.
2. Master the twelfth grade:
Strong grades, ideally more than 90% in subjects about your program of choice, are required. Consider it like reaching a perfect score!
3. Speak the Languages:
Use exams like TestDaF/DSH and IELTS/TOEFL to demonstrate your proficiency in German and English. Make sure to verify the prerequisites for each university as they vary!
4. Pass the Entrance Exam:
Before enrolling in commerce courses in Germany, there may be an additional exam or foundation course required, depending on your home country. Consider it as a practice run for the main event.
Additional Examinations Occasionally: Universities or certain German study abroad programs may require extra exams like the GRE, ACT, SAT, or GMAT. These exams are also necessary for pursuing a master’s in Germany.
5. Apply to Your Dream University:
To submit your application to the institutions of your choice, use websites such as Uni-Assist. Pack your academic transcripts and letters of recommendation like important travel documents!

Admission Process to Study in Germany After 12th Commerce

1. Discover Your Interest:
For German university admission, you need to Select a course and college based on your interests and aspirations for the future. There are countless career options—think engineers, doctors, and artists!

2. Completing your Homework
Verify if your grades fulfil the prerequisites for the course you have selected. Remember to practice your German! Additional examinations may be required for master’s in Germany for Indian students.

3. Financial Concerns:
Grants, scholarships, and education loans can assist with cost-sharing. Recall that living expenses and school will require money.

4. Make decisions with your mind, not just your emotions.
Apply simultaneously to several universities via the DAAD site. Timelines are crucial. January 15 is for summer semesters, and July 15 is for winter semesters.

5. Obtain Insurance:
In Germany, students are required to get health insurance. Monthly costs for plans range from ₹8,500 to ₹42,500.

6. It’s Visa Time
Utilize and obtain your student visa and any other paperwork (according to the embassy’s guidelines!). This is your Germany travel pass.

7. Locate Your House
Make reservations for lodging in advance of your arrival. Private apartments or dorms for students are common choices.

Documents Required To Study In Germany After 12th Commerce

1. Authentic Passport
2. Birth certificate
3. Certificate of Migration
4. Medical certificate; grade 10 and 12 transcripts
5. Competitive test results
6. Evidence of fluency in German (or) IELTS/TOEFL English Proficiency Scorecard
7. Recommendation letter from the educational institution
8. The purpose statement (SOP)
9. Resume or CV
10. Acceptance letter from university Bank Statements to support your finances
11. Health Benefits
12. Passport-size photos

Visa Requirements To Study In Germany After 12th 

1. Application form
2. Valid passport
3. Passport-sized photographs
4. Birth Certificate
5. Proof of Health Insurance
6. Proof of sufficient funds
7. Records of previous study and language skills
8. Acceptance letter from the university
9. Medical certificate


Studying in Germany after 12th Commerce provides Indian students with quality education, diverse programs, and financial benefits. Public universities in Germany, renowned for minimal or no tuition fees, make it an appealing choice. The added advantage of low tuition fees and securing admission to top universities further amplifies its appeal. For a seamless transition, seeking guidance from top study abroad consultants in India is advisable. If contemplating studying in Germany after 12th from India, anticipate academic growth, cultural exposure, and a global perspective, making it a transformative experience.