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January 4, 2024

Australia’s largest state, Melbourne, has many universities. The top universities in Melbourne are the most popular ranked global universities. Melbourne’s majority of the population is from different countries, and it is clear and hygienic with a healthy environment.

The city is friendly towards foreign students, and therefore, it is one of the most popular student destinations globally. Apart from this, the probability of getting jobs after graduation or post graduation is very high due to the wide availability of opportunities in Melbourne. The top universities of Australia are located in Melbourne. In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 universities in Melbourne in 2024 as per QS world rankings.

1. University Of Melbourne

University Of Melbourne is one of the ancient and top-ranked universities in Australia. It is located in the suburbs of Parkville, the main metropolitan area of Melbourne. Ranked 14th in the whole world. This university has 60000 students enrolled in it.

The University Of Melbourne offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines like Science, Arts, Commerce and Technological fields. Situated in the central downtown of the Parkville suburb, the university provides numerous cafes and restaurants with proper transportation links. These facilities have listed this university as one of the best universities in Australia in the global index. This university is among the group of Australia’s leading research universities.

2. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

This institute was previously known as Working Men’s College and was founded in 1887. RMIT has a strong focus on innovations and technologies. This institute has a world ranking of 140th among the world. It is situated in the business central area of Melbourne, with proper transportation roads.

RMIT has a total of 98,000 students enrolled from both national and international sectors. It offers courses in Business administration, telecommunication technologies, information technologies, engineering, and architecture.

This institute is amongst the best universities to study in Australia from India. RMIT provides numerous job opportunities for graduates in certain provinces of Australia. It also plays a key role as a cultural hub in Melbourne.

3. Monash University

Monash University has six campuses all over Melbourne and internationally and is the largest university in Australia. The main motto of this university is continuous learning. It is almost 55 years old, with a population of 86000 students.

Monash University holds a rank of 42 globally as per QS ranking. The Victoria College of Pharmacy is an integral part of this university, offering top pharmacy courses and other medical fields. Apart from these, Monash University has bachelor courses in science, arts, business, and technologies. It is also among the top research universities in Australia.

4. Victoria University

Victoria University is also one of the best universities for students to study in Australia. The university offers the best postgraduate courses for Indian or other international students. The university has many libraries and provides various teaching experiences and skill improvements.
It has a population of 40,000 students and ranks 701 -750th among the world’s best universities. Victoria University has science labs with quality research facilities and updated libraries for students.

5. Deakin University

Deakin University is located at a distance from Melbourne in the city of Geelong, with a metropolitan environment. This university has a wide spectrum of courses in various subjects with high-class facilities and resources for international students. It has 63,000 students enrolled and is ranked 233 in the global ranking.

Deakin University is among the best research universities in Australia and is among the best universities in Melbourne for International students. Its Geelong campus has free spaces and newly introduced departments for international students.

6. La Trobe University

It was established in 1964 in Melbourne with six campuses all over the state of Victoria in Melbourne. La Trobe’s University is located 16km away from Melbourne city centre. It has two famous art museums on its main campus.

This university offers several courses in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums in arts, science and sculptural studies. It has a total of 38,000 students enrolled, with a world ranking of 242 in arts and humanities subjects. This university is amongst the top universities in Melbourne to study arts and humanities.

7. Swinburne University Of Technology

Situated in the city of Hawthorn, just 7km away from the Melbourne city centre, Swinburne University is one of the renowned universities in Australia. It has the main centre for creative design and architectural infrastructure departments on its main campus.

Ranked 285th in the world, with 38,000 students enrolled in various departments. This university is one of the largest public research universities in Australia that has focused on technology, design and creativities.

8. Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University is in Melbourne and is one of the public universities in Australia. It was established in 2003 and is one of the top universities in Melbourne in research and innovative teaching methods by the faculties.

This university provides scholarships for international students and provides job opportunities for many students. It is ranked 601 – 610th in the world and has a population of 30,892 students.

9. Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University is among the top-listed public universities in Australia for research and education. It is a regional Australian Institute based on the geographical area. The university provides scholarships for international students.

It is ranked 590th in the global QS ranking, with over 70,000 students all over the globe. The university got its grant commission status in 1992, and since then, it has been a public university in Melbourne.

10. Australian Catholic University

Australian Catholic University is one of the lowest-ranking universities in Australia with respect to global rankings. But still, it maintained its status among the top universities in Melbourne by expanding its campus internationally in Rome.

ACU provides scholarships to international students and is ranked 801-850th in the world, with a population of 33,000 students. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses and provides the best academic experiences to every student.


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