A Simple Guide To Study In UK After 12th Science

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February 15, 2024

Embark on a journey of quality education and study in the UK after 12th Science. This comprehensive guide illuminates the myriad undergraduate programs, admission criteria, and costs. Renowned for its commitment to education and research, the UK beckons Indian students with globally recognized degrees in various fields. Navigate through the eligibility details and admission procedures, positioning the UK as an optimal destination for shaping a promising career post-12th science.

Why Continue Your Education In the UK After 12th?

For their graduation and postgraduate degrees, a study in UK for Indian students is an ideal choice. Whether you are looking for short-term diploma courses after 12th Science or a full-term graduation or postgraduate course, you can get numerous options in the UK. In the UK, undergraduate degrees can be pursued by students of both public and private universities. There are numerous chances to study in UK after 12th Science from the country’s top universities in various streams.

Among the top 10 universities worldwide, four universities are located in the United Kingdom.
Over 75% of the workforce in the United Kingdom is employed. For this reason, after earning their degrees, students would find employment and settle in the UK.

The pupils receive approximately 25000 GBP, or 26.26 lakhs INR, as the average salary in the UK.

Courses To Study In UK After 12th Science

There are so many categories of courses to study in the UK for international students pursuing a science stream. These include medical courses after the 12th Science, engineering courses, and courses for Social Science after the 12th. Here is a list of some of the best courses after 12th Science:

1. Biotechnology
2. Biological
3. Pharmacy and Medicine
4. Animal Science
5. Science of Molecular Horticulture
6. Earth Science
7. Energy Administration
8. Chemistry
9. Mathematics
10. Computer Science
11. Civil Engineering
12. Automotive Engineering
13. Electrical Engineering
14. Mechanical Engineering
15. Industrial Engineering

Universities To Study In UK for After 12th Science

Many Indian students who have completed high school (12th grade) hope to pursue a career in science stream in the United Kingdom. These are some of the best courses for science students after 12th and take around five to six years to complete. Not only are strong final exam scores essential, but you’ll also need to pass some admission examinations such as the UKCAT, NEET, or others.

Plan now and enroll yourself for one of these best courses after 12th Science in the UK. Here are some universities in the UK for international students to pursue different courses:

1. Cambridge University
2. Oxford University
3. London’s Imperial College
4. London’s King’s College
5. Edinburgh University
6. London University College
7. Glasgow University
8. Manchester University
9. Newcastle University
10. Mary the Queen London University

Eligibility Criteria For Studies After 12th In UK

There are some basic requirements to study in UK after 12th Science grade.

Age & Education:

  • Be 18+ with a completed 10+2 from a recognized board to study in UK from India.


  • Humanities: Minimum 65% in 12th grade.
  • Science/Commerce: Aim for 70-80% or above.
  • Below 60%? Consider Foundation/Diploma programs.

English Proficiency:

  • Show your English skills with IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • SAT/ACT scores might be needed in some cases.
  • Some institutions may also offer study in UK without IELTS.

Additional Requirements:

  • Statement of Purpose (optional)
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional)


  • These are general guidelines; specific requirements may vary.
  • Check with your chosen university for exact details.

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Documents Needed To Study Abroad In UK

Following high school, the following important documents are needed to enroll in UK universities:

1. Transcripts of grades ten and twelve
2. Evidence of finances
3. Evidence of proficiency in the English language (IELTS or TOEFL)
4. Resumé
5. Mission Statement
6. An appropriate portfolio for admission to courses in architecture, design, and the arts
7. Two letters of academic reference (optional)

Application Process For Admission To UK Universities

The University College Admissions System (UCAS) oversees the straightforward application procedure for admission to UK universities. The responsibility of gathering student applications and fees and transferring them to the appropriate institutions or universities falls to UCAS. The following are the stages to complete the application process:

1. Go to the UCAS portal and choose the college.
2. Consult the course syllabus and eligibility conditions.
3. Click to access the application form for the university of your choice.
4. To begin with, you must register for an account using your email address or mobile number.
5. You will shortly get verification and login credentials via email or SMS to the contact information you registered.
6. Enter your personal information on the page (name, date of birth, gender, etc.) after logging in with the specified credentials.
7. Mention your educational background and attach any supporting documentation.
8. Lastly, decide whatever course you wish to take and use Internet banking or a debit or credit card to pay the necessary amount.
9. Verify every detail, then press the submit button. You can follow the application through your account once it has been filed.
10. The chosen students must attend the virtual interview that the individual colleges performed.

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Indian students can find great opportunities to study in the UK after 12th science coursework. Students can more easily traverse their educational path by pursuing some of the best courses in the UK after 12th Science. You can look for study abroad consultants in India for any help regarding the eligibility criteria, course alternatives, and the application procedure. The UK is home to many prestigious universities that offer some of the best courses in the UK after 12th Science for both non-medical and medical students. The best overseas education consultants in India help students meet the requirements for academic standing and English competence. Indian students pursuing further education in the UK may expect an exceptional education and a promising future.